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Court approves temporary restraining order for King Soopers against picketers


DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Nearly one week since thousands of union workers at nearly 80 King Soopers grocery stores went on strike, and it appears the two sides are no closer to an agreement.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 went on strike on January 12 after attempts at negotiating better pay for workers failed before the expiration of their contract.

Tuesday, King Soopers filed a temporary restraining order against picketers in Denver District Court.

The court granted that restraining order after ruling that strikers have engaged in "unlawful and unsafe activity."

The company claims labor union members have been harassing customers and delivery truck drivers by blocking them from entering the store's parking lots and front entrances. The union denies these claims.

The union did say they've made "little to no progress" at the negotiating table.

The latest offer on the table was a starting wage of sixteen dollars an hour with increases of up to $4.50 per hour in the first year of service - based on job classification and tenure.

For a full-time checker, that comes out to about $47,000 including health care and pension benefits.

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Cindy Centofanti

Cindy is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



  1. Those kind of raises would be devastating. More customers would certainly be shopping at walmart Soopers would look like a desolate ghost town like other pricey grocery chains in town.

  2. Employee’s are taking a huge risk relying on the union to protect their jobs in Colorado. Colorado is a right to work state and they can be fired for any reason at any time.

  3. Corporate Greed and legal battles are all a part of their plan. If the Union and workers message can be disrupted by their “claims”, then the Corporation will do it. Welcome to America, land of the Plutocracy.

  4. Some functions at a grocery are not easily automated, but the example given of a checker is. There is already technology available to put a $0.01 RFID tag on every item which enables a scanner to total up a basket of goods instantly. No errors, no checker, no unloading and reloading. It’s silly when you think about it to unload a cart, hand move each item over a scanner, and then reload into bags. Obviously the items will need to be bagged before loading into ones vehicle. Once the cost of the checker exceeds the cost of this technology that will be the end of checkers.

  5. Meanwhile all these workers are out with no pay. If they get strike pay it is pennies on the dollar. That is really helping your workers when may live paycheck to paycheck all because the union fat cats won’t look at a offer from Kroger and were set to strike before they even made any demands. This way all the money they take in dues can somehow be now justified because they are fighting for the worker…… Unions are no longer needed and only exist now as organized crime at the expense of blue collar workers.

  6. Theres a huge thing no news outlets have covered. Kings is insisting on being allowed to hire and work employees under 20 hrs a week to avoid offering benefits. THATS what the major hang up is, not pay.

    1. Why is this a bad thing? If people don’t want the part time job then go elsewhere. No one is forcing these people to work despite what the union says. Kroger has to stay competi_tive somehow. They already have the highest grocery prices. Walmart has no union and they are doing great. What does that tell you?
      The union wants more full time positions so then they can collect more from the employee for dues and benefits. When the union puts their markup on top of the laborers wages they make the laborer no longer cost effective. Paying huge amounts of money for unskilled labor is how the union destroyed Detroit and moved a lot of the auto manufacturing to Canada and Mexico. That is what they will eventually do to Kroger.

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