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District 11 facing critical staffing shortage

School District 11 Colorado Springs
School District 11 Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Earlier this week, Colorado Springs School District 11 alerted parents through a letter about the possibility of transitioning to remote learning because of a critical substitute teacher shortage.

Devra Ashby, Communications Director for D11, shared data with KRDO showing just how critical the need for substitute teachers is.

On Wednesday, D11’s fill rate stood at approximately 56.4 percent, that’s out of 346 total jobs with 77 requiring no sub, 118 positions filled, and 151 positions not filled. 

The issue to fill the substitute teacher positions is so critical that Wednesday night, the D11 Board of Education voted to increase the sub rates of pay for classroom subs from $115 per day, Monday through Thursday, to $180 per day. 

“This is the highest in the region and was passed because the Board recognizes the dramatic shortage of subs, increasing absences, and area competition for the same subs,” Ashby told KRDO.

According to school data, the majority of teacher absences reported to Human Resouces between Jan. 5 and Jan. 7 stemmed from sick leave. On Jan. 6, 83 teachers called out sick across the district.

Because of the staffing shortages, Ashby says there will be various school closures on Friday.

That includes:

  • Mann Middle School, which will be remote Friday due to 13 unfilled vacancies
  • TESLA EOP, which will be remote Friday
  • Holmes Middle School, which will be remote Friday

“With MLK day on Monday, this buys us a little more time to keep all other schools in person, but we are experiencing a very high volume of teacher and support staff absences,” Ashby said.

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Cindy Centofanti

Cindy is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



  1. It will get worse. As I said before Christmas keep the mask mandate, it was working the entire 1st semester. Now put the blame where it needs to be and fire the superintendents that made these decisions. D11 is not the only one sending out warnings to parents about needing to shut down schools.

    1. You just can’t stop Alexi…let’s see your facts where masks are working…oh wait…you never provide facts just your own made up propaganda. So tell me Alexi…weren’t masks mandated early on to “flatten the curve” in 15 days? They do not work!! Day 680 0f “stemming the tide”! You just keep getting that paycheck…must nice nice to promote lies and get paid for it!

  2. I think now that you can self-test at home with no required reporting, it’s easy to get paid 5 and 10 day holidays.
    Karma is coming back to bite many many decision makers.

      1. And your loathing of us is showing sumdaze. I have said it and I will say it again…the COVID House of Cards is crumbling! Then what?

      1. Down to earth agrees with you sumdaze. It’s not about kids teaching themselves as you say…it’s about letting kids learn without constraints…mandates and a phony “vax” that aren’t needed and causing a generation to be crippled by the decisions of politicians and “bought and paid for” doctors and spineless educators.
        We need true science, integrated people who project wisdom to promote the health of the planet and the living beings that inhabit it. Our future well-being depends on placing relationships at the forefront of our collective interests. Love for nature, for life, for all the creatures in the world is the only thing that gives meaning to life. The multinational corporations want to be the masters and lords of the planet. Capitalism and imperialism advance through the enzyme of the people, destroying local communities and economies, undermining local trade and production, exploiting work and repressing social solidarity, supporting large corporations that are destroying people’s health with “vaccines” and drugs that cause terrible side effects. It is genocide disguised as good intentions. the Great Reset that will enhance the slavery of humanity.

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