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‘Threats’ cancel COVID-19 vaccine clinics

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two state-run mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics at Pueblo County School District 70 buildings were canceled last week following "threats" from an online group, according to a D70 spokesperson.

The vaccine clinic cancelations resulted in 115 people, including kids, not being able to get vaccinated last Thursday and Friday.

The first clinic canceled was a Pleasant View Middle School, where 65 people were signed up to get the COVID shot on Thursday. 50 people signed up for a Friday clinic at the D70 Administration Building but it was also canceled due to "threats."

It's unclear what the specific threats said, but a D70 spokesperson said they were made by a social media group "Pueblo Stands Up", which is believed to include some D70 parents. School district officials did not describe the "threats" as violent but said they were made against the vaccine clinic.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office told 13 Investigates their agency was not contacted about the threats.

The Pueblo Police Department (PPD) confirmed it was called out to a protest when the mobile vaccine clinic was at Morton Elementary last Friday. Officers stayed on the scene during the small protest and there were no arrests made in connection with the incident, according to PPD.

We have reached out to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for more information. Monday evening, the CDPHE gave 13 Investigates the following statement:

We are aware of a small number of threats that have occurred this year and the very real pressure many public health officials and health care workers are under. Threats against the people who are working so hard to end this pandemic are reprehensible and we strongly condemn them. We are grateful for the work that our local public health partners have accomplished during this crisis and empathetic to the pressure they face.  

CDPHE works closely with the Colorado Department of Public Safety and the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to monitor and respond to potential threats. Staff on our mobile vaccination clinics have experienced isolated incidents on a few occasions. We applaud their hard work and are disappointed that anyone would choose to interfere with their goals to protect Coloradans from COVID-19. We remind Coloradans to contact their local law enforcement agency if they are aware of a specific threat, and to report any suspicious activity to the Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



    1. They need to keep that “vector of infection” alive, so BOOSTERS are all you want for Christmas. People are going to regret this-especially if their children are permanently maimed or worse…

  1. Ridiculous, a lawful protest is not a threat. The inflated B S language on all sides these days is outlandish, killing our public discourse and the credibility of all of these organizations. Grow up.

    1. Polio was a real threat for much of the world, but has been rendered mostly moot by True Vaccination, except by the lack in the uncivilized portions of world populations. Those from ‘Asia’, Afghan ‘refugees’, are found to have been so infected, recently in the airlift from that fallen country.

    1. The protests are dumb, but they aren’t threats. If someone wants to hold a sign on the sidewalk in front of my house telling me that the COVID vaccine isn’t good for kids, I’m not getting out the fainting couch. They’re not preventing anything, they’re just expressing an opinion in a public place. Like we’re doing right here.

      1. there is an underground movement by the feds to discourage or eliminate any sort of public gathering. This will make many too fearful of freedom of as sembly and the right to free speech.

        1. Well, you and I don’t always agree, but I think you may have a point. On the right there is a ton of rhetoric about the protests against police corruption being violent riots, it’s all they could talk about for months; on the left, some soccer mom with a Sharpied sign is now “violence”. So, yeah, making people all over scared of letting others exercise their right to peaceful as sembly does seem to be a thing. The school that recently actually shut down because a few parents were going to hold signs across the street is a good example, trying to teach our children to be afraid of free speech.

  2. Because of Biden’s Jan 4, 2022 Mandate regarding 100 or more employees, corporations are now advising their employees that because of OSHA regulations regarding the weekly testing will be forced to be purchased by the employee every week. These tests cost approximately $30.00-$120.00 per test. So now employees are being required to buy their OSHA required test just to work every week. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t all PPE that is mandated by OSHA also required to be paid by the employer, not the employee? Yes, I know there is a specific clause in the OSHA regulation specifically regarding this exact problem. How many other items that are required by OSHA are also required to be paid by the employee to purchase versus provided as it is required to work in the safe space. Coal miners don’t buy their own respirators, their employer is required to provide them. These mandates are ruination of our Const(i)tutional rights, liberties, and our pursuit of happiness. Americans are losing control of our country and the sad part about it is the majority are willingly giving up not only their rights, but because they are the majority, they are also giving up everyone’s rights. The saddest part is the majority are making this decision unknowingly or out of fear, and no decision should be made that is all encomp@ssing especially when it is made unknowingly or out of fear. I can only hope the courts fix this abomination of a illegal, unethical, and immoral mandate by quashing it in its tracks.

    1. They will not, because this is the latest end point of this kind of regulation, not the start. We’ve been mandating vaccinations for decades for school children, military, health care workers — all sorts of populations. We accepted it. We have accepted a highly regulated environment in a number of areas. I was whining about this decades ago, when Americans for the first time in history had to “carry papers” just to travel because an airplane wasn’t bombed (a crashed airplane was used as an excuse to require ID because the first speculation was that it was a bomb). Weird people like me have been asking why you can’t sell eggs out of your own backyard, or have been home schooling (you wouldn’t believe the scorn and even anger that choice brings out in people). But the bulk of Americans just accept all these regulations as necessary and good, so trying to convince them that this one new one that’s not really all that special is the straw that should break the camel’s back — well, good luck with that.

      1. “asking why you can’t sell eggs out of your own backyard..” You can
        Did you seriously get concerned about having to show ID to fly on a plane..??? Really! You have to have an ID to drive a car, buy alcohol, cigarettes…. You have to be kidding me….

        1. Before recent cottage industry laws, it was illegal most places to sell your eggs out of your backyard. People did it, but it was illegal.

          As for airplane ID, back in the stone ages if you bought a plane ticket you couldn’t use you could sell it or give it to someone. There was no need to show an ID to travel on a plane, like there was no need to do so if you were walking somewhere or traveling in a car or on a bus. “Carrying papers” was something folks did in the Soviet Union or South Africa under Apartheid. Then a plane crashed and Clinton initiated legislation to federally require ID to travel on airplanes (this isn’t the individual airlines or airports, it is a law). Turns out it wasn’t a bomb, it was mechanical failure, but Americans just accepted this. It’s entirely qualitatively different from carrying proof that you can operate a vehicle if you are driving, or showing proof to a store owner that you are of a certain age to buy alcohol (the law doesn’t require you to show ID, the law requires the seller not to sell to those underage and the store owners use ID sometimes as the method of checking). This is really exactly what I’m talking about, we are so used to the government being able to invade our lives so pervasively and so deeply that we don’t even know it’s weird. The vaccine mandates are nothing compared to this ubiquitous micro-legislation of our lives that we don’t even notice.

    2. “isn’t all PPE that is mandated by OSHA also required to be paid by the employer, not the employee?”
      Answer…. No it is not.
      OSHA can not dictate who buys the PPE only that the PPE is required. Employers typically pay for it as a added benefit to the employee for safety. I have worked many places that you have to provide all your own PPE and have it inspected and allowed by the company safety officer. Steel toe boots, gloves, safety gl@sses etc.
      Also….. update the mandate has been put on hold and OSHA has been told they can’t implement it by the courts. It won’t stand and the prez even said it a month before he did his order. The courts will shoot it down very soon. It was always a posturing move to scare people into getting the shot.

      1. interesting.
        Many Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require employers to provide personal protective equipment, when it is necessary to protect employees from job-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. With few exceptions, OSHA requires employers to pay for personal protective equipment when it is used to comply with OSHA standards. These typically include: hard hats, gloves, goggles, safety shoes, safety gl@sses, welding helmets and goggles, face shields, chemical protective equipment and fall protection equipment.

        1. “OSHA requires employers to pay for personal protective equipment when it is used to comply with OSHA standards.” except for Biden’s weekly Mandate test… if this mandate is even enacted… let’s go 6th circuit!

        2. So if you actually look deeper into the regulation you cite from OSHA. It has to be task specific PPE. If it can be worn outside of the tasks it does not have to be paid for by the employer.
          Exception: Non-specialty safety-toe protective footwear (including steel-toe shoes or boots) and non-specialty prescription safety eyewear provided that the employer permits such items to be worn off the job site. (OSHA based this decision on the fact that this type of equipment is very personal, is often used outside the workplace, and that it is taken by workers from jobsite to jobsite and employer to employer.)

          1. So in short testing for the virus is not for a specific task to mitigate a risk or hazard. When performing a job hazard @nalysis for specific tasks as required by OSHA testing for COVID does not apply to that task. For example, roofing. Can someone safely perform the task of roofing if they test positive for covid. Yes. This would be the same for any illness.
            The whole mandate will fail and so will the testing requirement through OSHA. OSHA will have no teeth for that situation. You can’t go to OSHA and have them force an employer to pay for testing. That is outside of their realm. Now an employer can have it be apart of an employment agreement. That is legal. Then they can negotiate then who pays for what.
            Did you know right now OSHA can’t just walk onto a job site and start looking for infractions and write fines? They have to be invited by the GC/Owner to come on site. So if the mandate p@sses it will be interesting how to enforce it. They can’t just walk into a business and demand a audit. There is no requirement to report any data to OSHA on what you do for safety in a company right now.

          2. Why I posted this exact link is exactly why you posted your retort. In the first breath OSHA advises, “These typically include: hard hats, gloves, goggles, safety shoes, safety gl@sses, welding helmets and goggles, face shields, chemical protective equipment and fall protection equipment.”
            Then they also change the rule, but do not update the verbiage and repeal the sections that do not apply. Why is this? It is because OSHA gives corporations wiggle room to not provide the PPE. But moreover, the reason this verbiage i listed was not repealed and removed is because an employee can quite simply state they only wear that equipment while working for their employer, and advising they do not wear this equipment outside of their employment with the employer.
            All the employee has to do is verify that they do not wear the PPE equipment their employer provides outside of the work. The employee is cleared of having to purchase the PPE. And because it is the employer’s responsibility to provide their employee’s with the approperiate PPE for the conditions of work the employer has the employee exposed to.
            Or here is another way to look at it to understand, If you were not working for an employer that required their employees to purchase the PPE in order to work at their facility, would you have to wear PPE? The answer is no, because it is on the employer, the employer is the one that is fined, not the employee. The employee is working in the conditions the employer places the employee within with the PPE the employer provides.
            Yes, there is an exemption if a person states they wear their steel toe boots or prescription safety gl@sses outside their employment. But knowing that, one only has to say they only wear these items only at work because it is only required to be worn at work will put the employer in a place where they are required to maintain compliance with OSHA.
            VT, I agree with the rest of your statements and agree Biden’s mandate will fail. I just find it interesting that OSHA and Corporations are attempting to force their employees to have to, in essence, pay a tax every week just to get tested and keep working. How is expecting employees to pay $30.00 – $120.00 every week to maintain compliance with OSHA the employee’s burden and not the employers burden? How is this not a pay to play scenario and once you realized that this is a pay to play situation, how can the government believe that this is Legal, moral, or ethical?

      2. Yes, it was a posturing move that would never have pas sed the courts, but it wasn’t to scare people into getting the shots, it was to scare employers into mandating the shots and to give them cover. There’s a difference. I’m not a fan of scare tactics overall, but if people get spooked and get shots that’s their own decision. If people become unemployable if they don’t get a shot, that’s different. Also, what we are seeing is that you can keep your job as a trash collector or grocery clerk without a vaccine, but if you want to keep your job in a position of influence or power (teacher, government worker, corporate manager, health care worker) you have to c omply with the vaccine requirement. My family uses the vaccine, it’s a good tool, but the *requirements* are just a soft purge to get those who are not aligned with the left out of places where they can have an influence on the culture. People on all sides should be alarmed at that kind of ideological sorting.

  3. The January 4th, 2022 Mandates are SUSPENDED Pending at least 2 Federal Judges decrees and Legal Reviews. Considering that none of the ‘shots’ are True Vaccines, the one ‘approved’ from Pfizer only available IN Europe, demonstrates The DISHONESTY being Forced on to humanity!

    1. yes.
      Joe Biden might only get a hot dog on Jan 8th, not a mandate. Federal judges have declared that this borders on Const itutional rights and OSHA said we aren’t enforcing this until otherwise notified about the legality. Biden is too much of a pus-sy and a puppet.

    1. But people find it Sooo much ‘nicer’ to believe Lucifer’s Lies. Also it’s easier to let someone Else tell you what to Think, to Do for ‘them’, until ‘they’ are brought out of Existence, for or by not being Needed.

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