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Blood drive held at Fort Carson to help other military members

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Through the week, soldiers at Fort Carson have been donating blood to potentially save the lives of their fellow military members.

Fort Carson is a donor site for the Armed Services Blood Program. Based out of Fort Bliss in Texas, they travel to Army, Air Force, and Navy bases collecting donations.

The blood will go to wounded warriors overseas and directly support all service members and their families around the world.

"This goes to military members first. This will always go down range that way, and then after we supply any local clinics that we have on any bases," and Spc. Brian Valenzuela with the Armed Services Blood Program.

The drive started on Monday and every day dozens have come out to support the cause.

Corporal Connor Bascom came out to donate on Wednesday. He says he feels proud to donate, especially because he's O-negative blood type, meaning he's a universal donor.

"I support the military through my primary job and method, but it’s the small things like this on the side that can make a bigger difference for some people," said Bascom.

From Fort Carson, the blood donations will go back to Fort Bliss. They'll be broken down and sent out to where it is needed.

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