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Emu spotted around Manitou Springs, west Colorado Springs

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- He goes by the name of Dennisaurus Rex, or Dennis for short, but this seven-month-old Emu has been getting a lot of attention on social media after being spotted walking around Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and Old Colorado City.

"Cuddly, cuddly, and funny in the morning," is how Bill-Sue Mitchell, Dennis' owner, describes him.

Mitchell has been raising Dennis as a pet.

"I’ve always wanted an Emu every since I found out when I was young that the male emu actually sit on the eggs, hatch the eggs, and raise the babies," said Mitchell.

After getting Dennis, she had another idea.

"I thought why not? Why not take your emu for a walk," said Mitchell.

Dennis has a big personality and does need an ego boost to get ready for those walks.

"It’s a trick on how I have to do it. I have to lean in, I have to whisper sweet nothings into his ear, tell him how handsome he is and he sits still and lets me do it, but he loves to go for walks," said Mitchell.

Walking along with his best bud, Blue the dog, has gotten people's attention, constantly being stopped along the way.

"People just love him, and it makes people's day. I think that’s the reason why I keep coming back," said Mitchell.

Dennis is now used to getting his photo taken and social media fame.  

"He’s had his photo taken so often from people all over the world at Garden of the Gods," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says she will keep walking Dennis in public as long as he remains easily controlled. Once he's an adult, he'll be six feet tall.

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