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Fort Carson soldier without a home after losing $3,600 in rental rip off

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- When Spc. Jonathan Flores got word he was moving to Fort Carson, he and his wife applied to rent a home in a south Colorado Springs neighborhood.

They were living in Georgia at the time and when they finally made the more than 24-hour drive to move here to Colorado Springs, they were stunned to learn that home wasn't for rent.

They came across and found a four-bedroom home. After being approved to rent it, they signed a lease.

"We paid a security deposit which was a thousand dollars and two months of rent," Flores explained. "In total, we paid $3,600"

The couple had communicated with the landlord, a man named David Young, over the phone, email, and text.

"Everything was very convincing. He was talking about the house and all of the assets," Flores said.

The couple drove to Colorado Springs on Monday to move into the house. To their surprise, David Young wasn't there. Instead, the couple was met by a homeowner who told them their house was not for rent and had no idea it was listed online.

"It was kind of shocking for her and for me," Flores said.

Out $3,600 with no place to stay, Flores and his wife went to a Fort Carson hotel. Then they started looking into David Young. They found other house listings by military bases across the country connected to the same phone number the person who tricked them used.

"We definitely fell for it," Flores said.

13 Investigates called the number, which is currently on a listing for a rental home near Edwards Air Force Base in California. Our call was met with a message that the number was no longer in service.

Meanwhile, Flores and his wife are staying on Fort Carson for free until November 20. However, they continue to search for a temporary rental to put a roof over their heads until they can find a home of their own to buy.

"It's frustrating ... not having a place for your family, your wife -- it's kind of hard," Flores tearfully said.

A verified Go Fund Me has been set up to help the soldier and his wife. You can donate by clicking this link.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office tells 13 Investigates they are looking into the case. A deputy was expected to get in touch with Flores on Thursday.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. Where is the army aid for this young family? being allowed to stay for free for just 10 days is totally unacceptable.

    1. they should be able to stay in guest housing for at least 30 days.
      I feel so very sorry for this man and his wife.

  2. Let me guess. He paid the deposit in Venmo, Bit coin or another scam currency. That is sign #1 of a scam.

    1. Maybe, but it beats giving a scam artist access to your bank account. Venmo is real currency, of course, it’s just digitally transferred. There might actually be some recourse there, they should look into that. I think there’s some Paypal protections, though not much.

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