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Gynecologist practicing in Colorado Springs amid charge for touching former employee

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- It was Christy's second to last day as a nurse working at Advanced Gynecology in Colorado Springs. She had worked there for 13 years with Dr. Roy Stringfellow, a man who has delivered babies in Southern Colorado for decades.

"He had never done anything like this before," Christy told 13 Investigates.

It was August 5th when things changed. Christy and Dr. Stringfellow were alone in the office, which she says wasn't uncommon.

"He wanted more hugs," Christy explained. "It was a front hug, which we've never done, and it was a smash, roll, even try to lift me up a little bit. That just completely shook me. And I didn't know what was going on at that point. I went back to my desk and he said he wanted another hug and this time he patted on my butt." 

Christy says soon after when she was at her desk, Dr. Stringfellow asked to see a tattoo on her back.

"He said he wanted to see it ... and I said 'no,' ... kind of like don't touch me. And he said well let me give you a little massage. I instantly, I just froze. I sat up and froze," Christy said.

She says Stringfellow came around and began massaging her shoulders.

"It was a squeeze and caress. A squeeze and caress," Christy said. "I'm trying to figure out how I can make my way out of this situation. And he started massaging my clavicle and he went just straight down in my bra ... lifted up my breasts .. and slapped his hands like that. And I'm like you cannot do that." 

Christy says she left and waited until the next morning to tell Human Resources. Then she went to report the incident to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD).

"I've got the truth on my side and I've got a voice," Christy said.

"She didn't seem repulsed with anything. It was accidental. I shouldn't have done it. I should have been a lot more careful," Dr. Stringfellow told a CSPD investigator over the phone.

Police body-worn camera was provided to 13 Investigates by Dr. Stringfellow's attorney. An investigator interviewed the long-time gynecologist for 30 minutes over the phone.

"She gets neck pain, and so forth. So I told her, would you like a neck rub to help with that? That was my mistake, I shouldn't have let it happen. I did massage her neck and shoulders and I reached too far. I touched the top of her breast. I apologized immediately and said I shouldn't have done that I'm really sorry," Stringfellow told police.

The prominent doctor also described one of the hugs he gave Christy that day in the phone call with the police officer.

"When she was leaving she came to give me one more hug. She said oh I am on my tiptoes, so I kneeled down. And my hands were on her back but I kneeled down and touched the top of her buttocks just brushing and gave her a pat right there when I touched it. And that's the only even semi-intimate thing," Stringfellow said.

Police ended up charging the 76-year-old gynecologist with unlawful sexual contact. Unlawful sexual contact is a misdemeanor crime in Colorado.

However, Stringfellow's attorney Rick Bednarski tells 13 Investigates no crime was committed.

"Could there be ideas that he could have done some things differently? Absolutely. But because he did that doesn't mean that it's a criminal offense? No. And if you look at the statute for unlawful sexual contact, it means he has to do it with the intent for sexual gratification," Bednarski explained.

Bednarski says Stringfellow had no sexual intent during the incident on August 5.

We asked if it's common in Stringellow's practice to give massages in the workplace, even with consent.

"In the medical field, it is. Particularly in what Dr. Stringfellow does as an OBGYN doctor. There's a lot of long nights, long days whether it be for a surgical procedure or delivering a child, doctors and nurses would give back rubs or back massages to different individuals," Bednarski said.

Court records show this is the first time Stringfellow has been charged with a crime in Colorado. He has an active medical license in the state and has never faced any type of public discipline on his medical license, according to state records. Stringfellow is well known in the community and has made multiple appearances on James Dobson's Family Talk radio over the years.

“You can read the reviews of him there is not a single, single bad review regarding anything that he did that was inappropriate or wrong or potential neglectful. I mean, he really cherishes his reputation," Bednarski said.

Christy has a temporary restraining order against Stringfellow, which means he can't legally contact her right now. The two of them have a court date set for Friday for a permanent restraining order hearing.

Dr. Stringfellow continues to practice gynecology at his office in Colorado Springs and has access to local hospitals. His next court date for the unlawful sexual contact charge is scheduled for the end of November.

If convicted, Stringfellow could be forced to register as a sex offender.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies tells 13 Investigates the medical licensing board can investigate when it becomes aware of issues that may violate Colorado's Medical Practice Act.

A Colorado doctor is in violation of that act if they are convicted of an offense of moral turpitude or a felony.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



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    1. This is only the beginning of a long list of side affects that are sure to come from the past two years of BS.

      1. Yeah. Never mind those 5,000,000 dead people across the world, only 755,000 of them were Americans. And only 8,691 of the dead lived in this state. Still dying in our hospitals every single day. Imagine the side effects of that BS.

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  2. Sounds like he was a good doctor for quite some years. Now his behavior change would suggest some type of dementia setting in.

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