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Gov. Polis holds briefing on proposed 2022-2023 state budget


DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Monday, Governor Jared Polis held a briefing on the 2022-2023 state budget. During his address, Polis said education, the workforce, and public health are his three main issues for the budget.

According to the briefing, K-12 education is projected to receive more than $380 million, which is about a $526 increase per student compared to current funding.

The state will also invest nearly $800 million into local economies through pandemic-related relief. That includes funding for child care facilities, which would make it easier for working parents to find child support while keeping a job.

Polis is also providing more funding for health care to provide mental health services and lower prescription drug prices across the state.

Watch the briefing below:




      1. It’s amazing how people like you lump everyone together if they don’t agree with you. Can I guess? You’re a supporter of Biden the pedophile! He loves it when kids run their hands up his legs! How does one vote for a tool like that? At least vote third party like I did.

  1. So news is coming out that Polis avoided paying taxes for a few years, I guess he’s just like the orange man.

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