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Colorado police sergeant under investigation after he is reported by another officer for misconduct

<i>Aurora Police</i><br/>
Aurora Police

By Caroll Alvarado, CNN

A Colorado police officer has been put on administrative leave and an internal investigation is underway after another officer reported him for yelling and cursing at a 17-year-old female during a traffic stop, according to a release by the Aurora Police Department.

The June 29 incident was recorded on bodycam video that was released Wednesday by police. Sgt. Ed Acuti stopped the car near East 2nd Street and North Airport Boulevard for speeding.

When Acuti approached the car and asked the male passenger to get out the car, the passenger fled, dropping a loaded stolen gun, police said in the release.

The 17-year-old driver, who has not been identified, remained at the scene where she was arrested and questioned by Acuti about her connection to the passenger.

The police-worn bodycam video shows the teenager and the officer yelling and cursing at each other, according to the release.

“You better f***ing keep your mouth shut or I’ll make your life a living f***ing hell. From this f***ing day forward,” the officer identified as Acuti says.

“You wanted it, you f***ing earned it. I don’t care how the f**k old you are,” Acuti says.

In part of the video, the crying teen says she is scared and is asking officers to call her mom before saying, “This is what y’all do. Y’all kill people.” The teen can be heard screaming the same thing throughout the video and telling officers to call her mom because she is underage.

Aurora Police officials said in the release that Chief Vanessa Wilson was “deeply concerned by what she saw” and immediately ordered an investigation into the incident.

As of last summer, it is illegal for an officer to witness misconduct and not report it.

In the release the police department describes Acuti’s use of profane language as “not consistent with the training or expectations of an Aurora Police officer.”

“I commend the officers that are unwilling to compromise their integrity and continue to report misconduct that jeopardizes the work we, as an agency, are trying to accomplish with our community,” Wilson said in the statement.

Police said they’re finalizing the internal investigation and Acuti will remain on administrative leave, pending the outcome.

The driver was arrested for speeding, driving without a valid license and obstructing a peace officer but was released that evening.

CNN made several attempts to reach Acuti and the Aurora Police Association and was unsuccessful.

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  1. I’m sure she’s mom and dad’s pride and joy. Hanging out with the likes of those that steal firearms;And the police officer, yeah, there are a bunch of corrupt officers in Colorado springs. Both parties here a bunch of losers much like RealityCheck

    1. Your name calling and cheap jabs at Reality Check make you seem like a kindergartner and not like and adult person who likes to have respectful discussion about todays news. Most all of us do not think it is funny nor called for. It is just childish.
      Also it was an Aurora police officer…….

  2. Scared straight. I think it is a good tactic. They need to know the depth of what they are doing. Had a stolen gun…… ohh yeah I am sure she in on the honor roll. She was scared….. just think of the person who could of been shot and tell me she has no reason to be sacred when caught.

  3. Other than the language, the officer was right. At 17, she needs to realize the seriousness of what she is doing. Her behavior does not bode well for her future unless she changes it.

    1. A thoughtful police officer can indeed make a difference to a youth at this point in their lives. But that is not what happened here.

      1. Instead, he threatened and verbally abused her, cementing any fears or impressions she may have had about LE being the e n e m e y.

        1. I remember being taught the golden rule as a child.
          I remember learning verbal Judo in LE training.
          I remember being taught that law enforcement’s job is simply to catch and write a thorough report of the incident.
          I also remember being taught as a LE that my job was not to p@ss judgement, ever.
          I also remember being taught when there are 2 officers on scene and the contact officer loses their credibility with the interviewee / suspect / victim, the cover officer and the contact officer trade roles. This is to ensure that the call for service doesn’t escalate further than already observed.
          Perhaps these law enforcement lessons are no longer being taught by law enforcement professionals.
          The sergeant certainly didn’t attempt to deescalate the call for service.
          What does this state about the department as he is in their supervisory cadre and acting like this?

          1. So true. Thankfully the Aurora police chief also sees the problem. What a difficult time to be in LE. I know there are good cops out there, but the culture has been to protect those who are not, to the detriment of our society.

          2. 9 times out of 10 that is because it is also the agency’s administration that supports this culture from the top down to the lowest supervisory position, as seen from this sergeant’s actions. The blue wall does exist, but brave men and women can tear it down for good; all it takes is open, honest, transparency always.

    1. Yes, the one who reported this disturbing action of his do-worker is indeed a rare and courageous officer. If only there were more like him/her.

  4. Glad to see there are good officers out there. Now let’s see if the system does the right thing and remove him from the force. That I doubt because the union protects the bad and the good one will get hell from the other officers.

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