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Would-be robbery victim pepper sprays suspect, according to CSPD

File photo
File photo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Colorado Springs Police say a would-be robbery victim managed to pepper spray his assailant when the suspect demanded he hand over some items he had just bought at a nearby store. According to the Colorado Springs Police Blotter, it happened off S. Academy in Colorado Springs.

The victim was able to mace the suspect in the face. That's when the suspect, identified by police as Jeremy Thomas, ran to try to carjack someone nearby. The pepper spray proved too painful, sending Thomas running into a nearby business to wash it off his face. Officers were then able to take him into custody without incident.

Aubry Tucker



  1. Another successful case of non-lethal defense where the suspect was quickly apprehended to be charged for the crime.

  2. Hey, KRDO. Was the perp pepper sprayed (as the police stated) or was he maced (as you state in the second paragraph)? The two are NOT the same.

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