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Pikes Peak Workforce Center offers certifications as record number of people quit jobs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- According to the U.S Department of Labor's latest JOLTS report, the number of people quitting their jobs has surged to record highs. This is due to a number of factors, including people seeking better opportunities, better pay, and careers that align with skillsets they're most interested in learning and using.

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center has received funding intended to help get people back into the workforce, mindful of the reasons why people left in the first place.

"It's a job seeker's market now," says Becca Tonn of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

The Center has received $1.8 million set to provide short-term certifications to eligible employers, employees, and job-seekers financially affected by the pandemic. Short-term is defined by the PPWC as certifications completed between six and 12 months.

The workforce center says hundreds of certifications are available, including "early childhood education, ServeSafe Manager, physical therapy aid, certified nursing assistant, dental assisting” and more, according to Tonn.

Nation-wide, the restaurant and retail industries were most heavily left in the dust by workers, followed by professionals leaving the healthcare industry.

Tonn says this is a trend in Southern Colorado, as well. She explains business owners in the area all have a common problem: keeping employees and finding qualified candidates. When it comes to finding qualified employees, Tonn says she hopes the certifications will encourage those looking to start or progress their careers will take up the workforce center's certification opportunity.

On the subject of retaining employees, “Employers are recognizing that there need to be more benefits and more flexibility for employees," says Tonn.

"That is going to be a positive from the entire pandemic, employers in all industries are recognizing that,” Tonn said.

For a list of what certifications are available through the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, click here.

To apply for the Pikes Peak Workforce Center's certifications opportunity, click here.

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Natalie Haddad

Natalie is a traffic reporter and MMJ for Good Morning Colorado and KRDO. You can learn more about her here.



  1. Thanks Biden, your CO-VID E.O is really helping get America back to work. Yes RC this too is sarcasm.

  2. Many people have gotten use to living off the govt and other that have continued to work wonder why they did when they got the same pay as the guy who stayed home. No one wants to work and if they do they ask for outrageous wages and still only work half azz. The enti tlement generation has arrived.

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