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CPW rescues several common nighthawks in the Pikes Peak area

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Within 24 hours, Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescued three common nighthawks in the Colorado Springs area.

According to CPW, two were stranded on the ground. The third was hit by a car and pinned to the grill.

CPW says it's not unusual to see the birds in the area during this time of year.

Common nighthawks migrate south to Brazil after a summer of mainly breeding across North America.

Despite their name, CPW says common nighthawks are not raptors, they're nightjars. These birds spend their days on the ground and fly, catching insects in flight.

According to CPW, the common nighthawk is in trouble. Common nighthawk numbers are down 61% as pesticides kill mosquitoes and other aerial insects the birds feed on.

Also, the birds are experiencing habitat loss, including open rural woods and flat gravel rooftops in urban areas.

CPW says they are also getting hit by cars as they forage over roads or roost on roadways at night.

The three rescued common nighthawks were taken to a rehabilitation facility.

CPW shared a video of an official holding one of the birds.

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