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Fountain-Fort Carson fueled by positive energy

The Fountain-Fort Carson softball team can hit.

During games, you’ll hear them sing.

"It’s crazy," says utility infielder Vicky Alvarado. "We have a lot of crazy girls. A lot of loud girls. And we’re all bold. None of us are really shy, we are just out there."

A couple of weeks ago, the Trojans managed to hang 27 runs on their rivals at Doherty, which is an absurd number of runs for a softball game at any level.

"We don’t give any mercy especially to the teams that we’ve had beef with in the past," says shortstop Jenisah Mora. "We just give it to them, and let them know who we are."

The secret to their success: positivity.

"We have very positive players on this team," Alvarado says. "We pick each other up. We keep each other going. We're good. Our bond is great."

Last season, their march to the the playoffs was cut short thanks to COVID-19. Now that they’re here, having gone through all of that, why not be positive?

"We're always trying to have fun, because if you don't have fun, it's gonna be hard to win games like we do, with 27 runs," Mora says. "We try to have fun a lot, and to really be ourselves around each other. To have a good bond on the team is really the key to success."

"I feel like we can go far, says third baseman Autriana Cox. "As long as we keep our mentality in check, and our attitude, and (keep) making sure we keep each other up, I think we can go far."

Danny Mata

Danny Mata is a sports anchor/reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Danny here.

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