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The Palmer Ridge field hockey team is a unique bunch

The Palmer Ridge field hockey team has just been crushing it. Eleven games into the season, they've only lost once. They're ranked sixth in the state. You can keep them at bay for a little while, but once they score, they just start pouring it on, “One of my old teammates, she graduated, but she always used to call us Secretariats because we would start slow, and then second half of the game we would kill it, and start kicking booty,” says Julianna Strickling. The key to success? They're really chill. They absolutely work hard, but they're really chill. "That’s why I love this. I love playing field hockey every year. This group, it’s so much fun. We can take it all the way. We are a great team, and we can compete, but at the end of the day, it’s just a really fun team environment, says Laine Satterlee.

They've got this new chant they're doing in games. Hazah! It perfectly describes the team, "I worked at the renaissance Festival, and I brought it up one time, and everyone started laughing, so we’ve been doing that during the game, says Strickling. Hannah Hermann adds, "They probably think we’re kind of weird, but it is what it is. It definitely could be intimidating, but I think we are all such bubbly people that it comes off more as just funny and weird, but that’s OK. I think it’s good. Sometimes you don’t want to be the main team. Do you want to be nice people."

Rob Namnoum

Rob is the Sports Director at KRDO-TV. He started working at KRDO in 1999. He has covered the NFL since 1998. Learn more about Rob here.

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