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Group protests vaccine requirements outside two Colorado Springs hospitals


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- On Monday morning a group of people protested vaccination requirements outside UCHealth and Children's Colorado in Colorado Springs.

The group, Patriots for Life, declined to speak on camera but offered a statement. The statement says they're a group of concerned, peaceful, and law-abiding patriotic citizens. They oppose the discrimination of the unvaccinated, as well as those who support the vaccine and mask mandates.

The statement went on to say, "Our goal is to provide a network of support, including legal, for any citizen being persecuted or oppressed while exercising their Constitutional rights."

The deadline for team members at UCHealth and Children's Hospital Colorado to be fully vaccinated is three weeks away. This is a month ahead of the new state requirement for workers in all hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

In an email to KRDO, a spokesperson for UCHealth said, "We've heard there might be a small group of people near Union and Briargate, but I don't know if they are employees of ours, employees of other health care systems, or people unconnected to health care. UCHealth respects our employees' rights to share their opinions, and we continue to listen to employees' questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and to share information with them."

UCHealth says 95% of staff and providers are vaccinated, and when they include approved medical and religious exemptions, 99% are compliant with the vaccine policy.

Those who don't meet the deadline could eventually lose their jobs.

Team members at Children's Colorado who don't meet the vaccine deadline will be subject to stricter safety requirements and will be routinely tested.

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Jessica Gruenling

Jessica is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about her here.



  1. My UCHealth doc quit. Now they are trying to find others to pick up the load. They are overloaded now and so it could be months. What a joke. Even doctors can’t make their own health decisions.

      1. ohhhh I could tell you a story…. about being blackmailed for my chemo if I got a lawyer for what they illegally did to me….

  2. All three of the protesters have a choice. Go work somewhere else where you’re not going to infect patients.

    1. Guess you missed the last memo or eight!!! Vaccine doesn’t stop spread – per even your overload CDC. Your statement is irrelevant (much like you).

      1. Who missed what memo?

        Too bad LoserTrump missed his opportunity to do the right thing. Vaccines have to be given to 70% of the population, fak-name, for them to be effective. If only we’d had a leader who would have led his country to safety instead of into the wilderness of rabbit holes and conspiracy paranoia, we’d be well out of this mess. Heck, he might even be president now.
        On second thought, maybe we should be thankful. Except for those 660,000 dead people.

        1. You DO Recall that ALL The Various VACCINES Were Developed While President Trump Was In Office, that they were ADMINISTERED Before biden-harris-harris-biden Was SWORN In?! That biden-harris-harris-biden GOT the First ‘inoculation’ of a Covid vaccine In December? Have you Missed President Trump telling people to get their Covid shots?

  3. Study out of Isreal- the most vaccinated country in the world- shows the vaccinated carry 251X the viral load of Covid than the unvaccinated. (Possible evidence of ADE?) If the vaccinated have the highest viral load, and all medical personnel are required to get the vaccine, what does that mean for hospital patients? Be a critical thinker.

    1. The truth is too much for many who think the vaccine gets them superiority, not immunity.
      An overwhelming amount of vaccinated folks are downright ugly, finger-pointing snobs now.
      They all need a gold star on their coat.
      Personally, I want to see what happens over the next year or so-watch Pfizer and Moderna (which Falsi has a financial stake in) become trillionaire companies -all USG monies too. I want to see what happens to people who have taken these shots and are begging for more.
      Why did the UK commence a study on why these shots alter women’s menstruation???

      1. You wouldn’t know the truth if it walked in your front door and offered you a hundred bucks. lol.

    2. Not many people, percentage wise are capable of Being ” a critical thinker”; just not worth their time away from gaming, watching tv, or some other fruitless pursuits.

  4. Given that no clinical trials involved more than two injections of any vaccine, it is important that doctors and patients understand where the latest science leaves us in terms of how the vaccines interact with the immune system, and the implications for booster shots. We explain here that booster shots are uniquely dangerous, in a way that is unprecedented in the history of vaccines. That is because repeatedly boosting the immune response will repeatedly boost the intensity of self-to-self attack. Please take the time to read this important information, and share. The findings are presented in summary form for those who would like an overview, followed by an explanation of the underlying immunology for those who wish to understand in more detail.

  5. Wtf is happening in these comments lol. 1) People should have a choice. 2) if businesses can pretty openly discriminate against (insert anything controversial here) then they can discriminate based on vax status. 3) Freedom to make a choice doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. 4) there are 900 more important things to be worried about than this vaccine, such as the price of housing, gas prices, violence, drug addicts, corporate and government corruption, women being property rather than people, that sort of stuff. Why is this vaccine thing got ya’ll squawking instead of one of those really enormous problems?

  6. Ha! I get censored all the time on krdo too. Just wait a day or two and it wears off or the high strung mod takes a lunch break or something. Enjoy the sunshine outside! Its really pretty!

  7. There is not a single sample of COVID-19 available anywhere in the Solar System. COVID-19 is totally non-existent. It is a total SCAM intended to scare people into taking the “vaccine.” The “vaccine” is no vaccine at all but is a bio-weapon intended to kill off humanity. It’s that simple.

    As always, since the MSM is in on this genocide, including FAKE news KRDO, as well as all local hospitals, this comment will never appear on the internet.

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