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Data shows vaccinations are dropping amid 5th COVID surge in Colorado


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) —  According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, in the last month, the demand for vaccinations is appearing to drop off.

For the week of September 5th, there were a total of 9,144 doses administered in El Paso County including local clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. For the week of September 12th, there were only 3,465 vaccines administered.
As employer vaccine mandates deadlines near at end of September, the Colorado Department of Health expects to see the demand for the vaccine pick up. 

As a result, four large community vaccination sites will provide additional capacity from September 20-30 to meet the potential increase - each site will now be able to accommodate up to 1,000 doses per day. 

Large Community Vaccination Site Information 
  • Aurora - Aurora Municipal Center
  • Littleton - Southwest Plaza Mall
  • Colorado Springs - Chapel Hills Mall 
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Park parking lot
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Cindy Centofanti

Cindy is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



  1. Mandates will not affect most of the country population. They aren’t even in place yet as there is no law or order to do so.

    1. Plus many of do not need the shot we have natural immunity which the “Science” has already proved to be far superior to the shot.

  2. Those Who WANT Them have gotten them and Those Who DON’T Won’t, and unless someone is going to Forcibly HOLD EACH Dissenter Down And Inject the ‘vacs’, It’s less & less likely that Complete SUBMISSION Is NEVER Going To Take Place!!

  3. I don’t want ANY Vaccination, No Hospitalization And Would REQUIRE Total Unconsciousness with out my spouse being present to be Hospitalized and Put on a Ventilator! Have TOLD Spouse Nu-uh, no way, nada, NO Thanks!! I KNOW Where my soul is Destined and have little FEAR on That account!

  4. Funny how we are at or above the same numbers last year(no shots) when 68% of the population is now vaccinated……

  5. The funny part of the headline is: 5th surge? Who comes up with this data and how do they know? I believe it’s a hilarious number and unfounded just to keep the fear going. Oh…I better check my wording and make sure there are no names in it…oh…ok…good…I can post!

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