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Suspect in alleged Colorado Springs double-homicide arrested in Miami

MIAMI, Fla. (KRDO)-- Lamar Taylor, the Colorado Springs man charged with double-homicide stemming from an incident at the Elks Lodge, was arrested on fugitive charges in Miami on Sept. 17.

According to jail records, Taylor was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center at 7:52 PM EST, three days after he was publicly identified by the Colorado Springs Police as the suspect in the case.

The two victims, 58-year-old James Love and 62-year-old Kevin Patterson were known to Taylor. Sources have indicated to KRDO that Taylor rented out the kitchen at the Elks Lodge for his restaurant, Union Cuisine, for almost a year. But in that short time, the relationship soured quickly, according to one of Taylor's former workers.

According to Lodge member Willie Wilson, a meeting took place between Love, Patterson, and Taylor on Sept. 9, but it went "drastically wrong" and lead to a warrant for Taylor's arrest on Sept. 14. Wilson also said the Elks Lodge has a strict policy prohibiting weapons.

Taylor has been charged with multiple felony crimes in Florida in the past, including an incident where he was charged with aggravated battery involving a pregnant person.

But a source we spoke to last week said that Taylor had tried to turn his life around and was dedicated to his culinary business before the alleged homicide.

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