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The Cheyenne Mountain football team is off to its best start in nine years

Cheyenne Mountain has produced one hundred and one state championships. The football team has been a little quiet the last few years, but this year they are making some noise, "It’s been incredible. I walking to school every day, and I have a feeling like I’ve never had before. Just because I’m so excited to go to football, and I just know we’re going to play well," says Cheyenne Mountain wide receiver, Owen Growney.

The Red-Tailed Hawks have been feasting. They've scored 127 points in three games, which is absurd and they've only allowed sixteen, "We are playing with total confidence. Confidence is everything when it comes to football. If you don’t have confidence in your abilities, and your teammates abilities, then you don’t go anywhere. I know we haven’t had the most prominent history and football at Cheyenne Mountain, so we just wanna make sure that we go out there and give it our best," says Cheyenne Mountain running back, Nico Gagliardi.

The whole school is having fun. You go to a game and the student section is nuts, "It’s really exciting to see the student body as excited as they are. Last year, playing with no fans, it was definitely different. We are excited to have them back," says Cheyenne Mountain tight end, Jesse Boley.

A lot of these guys played on JV together. They've been talking for years about making this a special season and not it's their time, "We dreamed about that. We had almost a set list we were going to do when we became seniors, and became leaders of the group," says Growney. "We’ve always had a dream of becoming seniors, and being the team that really comes out for Cheyenne and shows its capabilities on the football field. I’m having a lot of fun. It’s my senior year so I’m going all out," says Gagliardi.

Rob Namnoum

Rob is the Sports Director at KRDO-TV. He started working at KRDO in 1999. He has covered the NFL since 1998. Learn more about Rob here.

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