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Rocky Mountain Line School honors military members who were killed in Afghanistan

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Students at the Rocky Mountain Line School took time Thursday to honor the military members killed in Afghanistan last month.

Thirty-one students raised thirteen American flags along with Army, Navy, and Marine flags. The idea was started by Jeremy Newsom, he's a Marine Corps veteran training to be a powerline worker.

Newsom says the news of American troops being pulled from Afghanistan and the bombings at the Kabul airport was crushing.

"It was definitely pretty rough. I knew a few guys that never made it home from Afghanistan, so it hit pretty personally especially after knowing that we’ve been in this war for a couple of decades now, and just to see everything kind of washed away was sort of just hurtful. They really didn’t need to die for what was going on and it’s shameful to me," said Newsom.

Six of Jeremy's classmates are veterans. They all lean on each other for support, and on Thursday wanted the families of those killed to know they're here for them.

"We have several people in this class that whenever Kabul was attacked it hit a lot of us personally, so just trying to do something for the families and trying to reach out and let them know there are Americans out there on their side, we do support the families that have lost loved one to this war," said Newsom.

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