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CSL offering free flu vaccine voucher for plasma donation

CSL offering free flu vaccine voucher for plasma donation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - CSL Plasma centers across Southern Colorado and in the U.S. are providing free flu vaccine vouchers to plasma donors throughout the month of September until the beginning of December, as an incentive to get more donations.

Without insurance, on average a flu vaccine can cost anywhere from $42 to $110.

But you can save that money by donating plasma at a CSL Plasma center. Once a donor completes two plasma donations within a month, they will receive a voucher through email or through the CSL Plasma App.

The center on N. Academy Boulevard gets 700 donations of plasma a week on average, but still, that isn’t enough. According to CSL, a medication to treat primary immune deficiency disorder needs at least 130 donations of plasma to treat one patient.

"It's very important for donors to continue to donate just to be able to manufacture these medications that our patients rely on," said Hannah Todroff, CSL Plasma Center manager on N. Academy.

As flu season lingers around the corner CSL Plasma centers are offering free flu shot vouchers to anyone who donates plasma - it’s an incentive to help those patients boost their blood volume and also prepare the community ahead of flu season.

"The CDC has indicated that on average receiving a flu vaccine decreases your rate of hospitalization by more than 40 percent and that has been consistent over the years," said Dr. Jennifer Hanes, U.S. Plasma Operations at CSL Plasma.

Though there were a low number of flu hospitalizations in El Paso County last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prevention is always key.

The CDC has indicated that you may receive both the COVID-19 and flu vaccine on the same day, however you should always check with your provider. For more on how to donate plasma head to their website.

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