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District 12 parents protest over mask requirements

Cheyenne Mountain SD protest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Parents protested outside of Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School on Wednesday morning, saying they're not happy with District 12's decision to require masks in the classroom.

Mary Louise Fiddler, who helped organize the protest, says she doesn't think the COVID-19 numbers in Colorado Springs warrant the mandate.

"I feel like it was an overreach, and an overstep, and too soon to even consider. I’m not trying to be unreasonable, but it’s too much too soon. It made no sense to mandate masks for us- for our children," said Fiddler.

Meanwhile, El Paso County Public Health leaders said there's a surge in Delta variant cases, and the COVID-19 incidence rate in the county has been steadily ticking up, increasing by 20% over the last week.

Last week before school started, the district sent out a letter to families in the district and said they'll continue to monitor the situation and update guidelines as necessary.

Parents for the mask mandate say it's the best way to keep kids protected, especially the ones who can't get vaccinated right now.

"My perspective is we need to protect the most vulnerable in our community who maybe can't get the vaccine or are immunocompromised. That's why I think it's so important and it's an easy step that we can take to keep those people safe," said Allison Curtis, a district 12 parent.

KRDO spoke over the phone with D12 Superintendent Dr. David Peak, he says, "We really believe right now we're taking the best approach to care for our students. To date, we've only had four quarantines. While there can be discomfort in wearing a face covering the trade-off is we believe we're maximizing kids and teachers being in-person. We believe that's the best position for our district, and we're experiencing a reduction in students and staff being quarantined."

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Jessica Gruenling

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  1. Yea let’s give ALL your kids long term covid complications. Just don’t take them to a hospital and take up valuable space for those that deserve it. You can pick up your Darwin awards at the other districts that don’t require masks.

    1. Hear hear. Don’t worry- these idiot parents are in the minority at D12. The rest of us have common sense and actually care about the vulnerable kids in our schools.

  2. What did you expect, given who runs your school district? D -12 used to rank in the top percentile in the state, and years ago was named in the top 100 HS is the country. All those rankings have slowly eroded as they embrace wokeness, and bow down to the teachers unions. Where do they stand on critical race theory?

    1. D12 is still one of the top schools and the majority of parents disagree with these protestors. As for CRT, crawl back under you rock. We teach our kids history in this district – the good and the bad.

  3. Oh brother. It’s too soon to protect our kids? Overreach? Does this woman read the news? Listen to the facts? Florida and Texas can tell you how well “waiting” works out. Thank goodness at least a few students in this city have a pro-active administration. D-49 and D-20 already feeling the pain of “freeing” their students from common sense and sound medical advice.

    1. No this woman does not understand facts. She is hiding behind the ‘too soon’ argument and that’s not her stance at all. She’s a conspiracy theorist, vaccine denier, selfish woman who doesn’t care about the vulnerable in our community. But she didn’t want to say that on camera. How do I know? I spoke to her on the way back from dropping the kids off.

  4. The headline is misleading.

    It should read ‘ A very small minority of District 12 parents protest over mask requirements’. I am one. They have very little support. Rest of us care about stamping out this virus. Problem is these protestors who refuse to get vaccinated and only care about themselves

    They are the reason my kid has to wear a mask.

  5. And there is Alexi…A.K.A Eeyore. Eeyore is a pessimistic and gloomy old stuffed donkey belonging to Christopher Robin. Who do you belong to Alexi?

  6. I would have to laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. People carrying signs saying “LET OUR KIDS BREATHE” and yet that’s exactly what masks are for. Masks help mitigate the spread of Covid, which itself can cause significant and permanent breathing problems. Masks themselves don’t impede breathing, which is why surgeons use them every day and all day in operating rooms to minimize the spread of infections.

      1. I don’t have to prove anything to you. It’s all been published in reputable medical journals, so you can just go look it up yourself for a change.

  7. Look at all the #Karens out there wanting their child sick or dead. These are the same people that probably drink, party, have affairs. Their body their choice. If my child dies oh well I will just make another one. Take their welfare away from them, raise their insurance rates and let them pay all cost if they get sick or their child gets sick.

    1. Wow…quite a stretch there Who…do you hang around with Alexi? Your point starting with name calling? That’s how your narrative starts…keep up the not so good work and have a nice day!

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