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Federal election officials want answers from Rep. Lauren Boebert after campaign money used for personal expenses

RIFLE, Colo. (KRDO) -- Federal election officials a pressing Congressman Lauren's Boebert for answers after she used $6,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

A spokesperson for the Southern Colorado lawmaker tells 13 Investigates the expenses were made in error and have been reimbursed.

On Tuesday, the Federal Election Commission sent a seven-page letter to Boebert's campaign treasurer demanding answers about those personal expenses and a surplus in campaign money totaling over $50,000.

FEC officials are requesting more information about a total of $6,000 in personal Venmo payments made in May and June of this year.

The letter notes federal campaign money cannot be used by officials or a candidate for anything "that would exist irrespective of the candidate's campaign or duties as a federal officeholder.”

According to her spokesperson, the freshman Congresswoman reimbursed the money in full when her team caught the error. It's not clear who received the Venmo payments or what purpose they were for.

13 Investigates was told the reimbursement would be included in her third-quarter campaign finance reports.

The letter sent by election officials also indicates Boebert's campaign received more than $50,000 in excess donations. Federal law caps how much individuals and committees can donate to a candidate and requires those funds to be reimbursed if the caps are exceeded.

Boerbert's spokesperson said any excess donations would be refunded to comply with the law.

The FEC told Boebert's campaign it must respond by September 21, or it could result in an audit and enforcement action.

Her spokesperson tells 13 Investigates they will respond by the deadline.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



    1. Oh, but it is! Candidates do it all of the time. CNN (er, I mean KRDO), just reports on those politicians that don’t like though and ignores the rest.

  1. Who cares? Just doing what most politicians do. What happened to the hunter Biden and his big daddy investigation? Yup, Dems don’t want to look into that. Whatever….

    1. Independent investigators looked into the Bidens and determined there was no wrongdoing. Don’t judge all politicians by the few actually found to be corrupt, and don’t try to sweep the corrupt ones under the rug.

      1. No, let’s simply judge Biden on his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, or how he can never string more than 4 words together into a coherent sentence, or how he is now begging OPEC to increase oil production after tearing down US production. All this makes a $6000 error look infantile. You should prolly go hide under a rock or you can hang out with sleepy Joe in his basement once he is removed from office.

        1. And remember that this Afghanistan pullout was planned by Trump. It’s funny how you were silent back when he announced it . . .

          1. Apparently you dont know what Trumps plan entailed. Go back and read it then get back to me.

          2. It’s amazing how you stick up for Biden. He’s a pedophile and you know it. Biden is no better than trump. Both disgusting humans, and sticking up for Biden puts you in the same boat as a pedophile. GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN.

          3. Trump planned it, yes. Planning and executing the plan is two different action. Trump planned it, Biden botched up the execution of that plan. You’re welcome.

          4. Biden undid a lot of Trumps policies. Made us energy dependent rather than independent as we were under Trump. Changed immigration policies, look how that is going. Why was this one not changed if it was so bad? Ohh because if it worked Biden wanted to take credit for it.
            With any new prez, the victories they claim for themselves and the failures they say they had not control over because of the previous administration. This is why the two party system always fails the American people. So don’t fall into the partisan politics and advocate for what is best for our counrty.

        2. You must not remember it was TRUMP who released thousands of taliban including a founder when he was going to bring the taliban to camp david for “peace” talks. Remember Pompeo saying you have to occasionally “negotiate with bad actors” defending Trump? Did you forget it was Trumps May 1st, 21 deadline to withdraw all troops after taliban dropped more bombs during “negotiations”?
          Yeah..the rest of us will History books.

          1. But it’s your puppet who blew the whole thing up. Trumps got sucks’. Nothing but blood on the DNC hands.

        3. You seem to still be pushing the debunked garbage promoted by QAnon. There is no great conspiracy of pedophiles conspiring against Trump. The only people planning against Trump are all the Americans who realize how he abused his position as President to benefit himself at the expense of our country. They want to make sure he never gets the same chance again.

  2. Go get em Lauren, it’s just a slander from KRDO that nobody takes seriously anyway.

    1. They are finding any little thing they can to try to distract from Bidens disaster of a presidency

      1. You only have to look back at Trump’s presidency to see an epic disaster from which we’re still recovering, and from which our planet may never completely recover.

        1. Disaster? You are too funny. Perhaps you need a “reality check.” Our economy was booming under Trump. We had China, Iran, North Korea in check. Under Biden, China is planning a hostile takeover of Taiwan, Iran back to building nuclear weapons, our dollar is worth 30% less because Biden keeps spending trillions of dollars. It’s so sad that you really have absolutely no clue of what you are talking a out. It’s ok though. I dont expect much from democrats

          1. Iran is back to building nuclear weapons because Trump unilaterally rescinded the agreement we had with them. While it wasn’t perfect, it was better than no agreement at all.

      1. And President Biden was duly elected by a landslide (Trump’s definition) of voters in our country.

        1. When you say “president” , that is a huge misnomer as the current idiot in the White House is responsible for the lose of 13 service members, highest inflation in 30 years, border crisis like we have never seen before, COVID out of control due to the previous and gas prices up 60% since December 2020. Yeah I would say you have a bunch to be pround of…..moron.

  3. So what you’re telling me is that my GOP neighbor paid for Boebert’s breast augmentation? Interesting!

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