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USPS brings new package sorting machine to Colorado Springs

USPS brings new package sorting machine to Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) - Preparing months in advance for the holiday season, the United States Postal Service is bringing a new package sorting machine to Colorado Springs. The new sorting machine is aimed to help USPS with higher package processing capabilities.

This is part of the USPS 10-year plan, as a result 118 additional package sorting machines have been installed throughout the country.

The $40 billion dollar investment focuses on modernizing operations to better equip the Postal Service during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

At the USPS facility on Fountain Blvd., they get up to 60,000 packages a day.  With this new technology they can sort out up to 7,000 packages an hour.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, package delivery demand increased by 48% in comparison  to 2019, which is no surprise considering many turned to online shopping during the quarantine period.

"One of the issues we had last year during peak is not having sufficient equipment where we had to rely on the manual sortation," shared Will Love, Plant Manager for Colorado's National Distribution Center.

Manual sortation is when employees manually separate the mail into each zip code, which typically takes about ten employees to sort 300 packages an hour-- Now with this machine it'll not only help sort packages more efficiently, but it will also create more jobs.

"This machine runs 24-hours a day, at the very minimum you need 15 people to operate the mail, in essence for three different functions," shared Steve Begay, Post Master at USPS in Colorado Springs.

At this USPS facility, they've recently hired 40 employees to operate this machine, but still have 60 positions open.

With the holiday season roaming around, they're hoping they can fill in those slots.

To apply for a USPS position you can head on over to their website.

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  1. The USPS is a joke.
    I sent a certified letter to an employee who lives in La Junta. It had tracking. First it went to Denver. Then it went to Colorado Springs. Then it went to La Junta. They realized she had submitted a mail forwarding request to her new home, just a few blocks from the old one, in La Junta. They sent it back to Colorado Springs to be “re-sorted” and it sat there for six days, before finally being sent back to La Junta to be delivered, over a week late.
    They need to just go out of business, and let a competent company come in and take over.

  2. I have been burnt and know so many other people that have been burnt by usps’s failure to deliver packages to them. They either put them in the wrong mailbox of other people who keep them or somehow they just never make it from the truck to a mailbox. THIS HAS OCCURRED EVEN WITH PACKAGE TRACKING THAT SHOWS IT WAS ALLEGEDLY DELIVERED.
    If the package is of value I only use UPS generally or Amazon prime whenever I can get what I want from Amazon. I will not even use eBay even if I can get an item cheaper from there if the seller only offers delivery by USPS.
    USPS is incompetent, loses an enormous amount of money every year and needs to be mandated to clean up their act or be replaced, because something has to be done.

    1. I’ve had exactly the same problems. The biggest issue is that you can’t always tell how a seller ships something, whether on Amazon or eBay. I’ve even had Amazon screw up a delivery so badly that after it went to California in error, they turned it over to the USPS for final delivery!

      1. Personally I have never ordered anything online the seller did not say what the shipping method would be. As for Amazon screw up with you I would bet that is something that does not commonly happen and certainly they don’t screw up as bad as USPS. I doubt there is any delivery company in America that comes near to screwing up deliveries as bad as USPS does.
        The main reason is private delivery companies have to make a profit and therefore strive to keep their customers satisfied. USPS on the other hand gets funded by the federal government so they don’t worry about making a profit or loss.

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