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Surviving COVID: Colorado Springs family shares 2-year-old’s story as more kids test positive

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Children's Hospital Colorado says they're starting to see an uptick in COVID-19 cases in children. That includes 2-year-old Cecelia Pittman.

Ten days ago, Cecelia's parents say they started to notice a change in her energy.

"You see all these symptoms and then all of a sudden the personality goes away, the energy goes away, then you really know something's wrong," said Jerry Pittman, her dad.

Cecelia had a slight cough, fever, and difficulty breathing.

"For little kiddos, that’s the nasal flaring -- kind of using their chest and belly muscles to take deep breaths -- and that’s when we took her to the children’s ER in Colorado Springs," said Tiffany Pittman, her mom.

Cecelia tested positive for COVID-19 and a day later was admitted to the hospital.

"To see her in with the nasal cannula on, and an IV and on the monitors, to see her so unwell was really hard as parents," said Tiffany.

Cecelia isn't alone, according to the Children's Colorado COVID cases in kids are becoming more common. Young patients are testing positive for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses.

We have been seeing for the past several weeks a number of the other respiratory viruses we would normally see during our respiratory virus season, but things are just a little bit out wack this year," said Dr. Sara Saporta-Keating, an infectious disease expert with Children's Colorado.

According to the El Paso County Health Department, 50 kids under the age of nine have been hospitalized with COVID-19 over the course of the pandemic, but more than half of those hospitalizations happened this year.

"We do know that the delta variant is more easily spread or transmitted between people and just with kids the majority of kids not being vaccinated just yet because they’re not eligible we think that they may be at greater risk for getting that variant or any of the COVID variants that exist," said Saporta-Keating.

Cecelias parents say she's getting better every day. While vaccine approval is still pending for kids under 12, they say they hope their situation shows the importance of getting vaccinated.

"COVID 19 is still very much out there, and it can infect our children. They can still get very ill and the best way to protect is to get vaccinated especially because our young children can’t," said Tiffany.

Children's Colorado is hosting a vaccine clinic on Aug. 26. You can find more information here.

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Jessica Gruenling

Jessica is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about her here.



  1. but where are the death stats on this group? There is a huge uptick of RSV among really young children this year. Sadly, a very effective REAL vaccine can prevent this, but not all parents get them for their babies.

    1. There is a big distinction between RSV and Covid, and there is no vaccine for RSV yet.
      But this story is about children being infected by Covid primarily from their unvaccinated parents.
      There are effective vaccines for Covid, which reduce the chances of infecting other people, whether you argue about the semantics or not.

      1. RC, Yes that is the direction that KRDO attempted to write this article… however, KRDO never mentioned contract tracing as to how the child received the virus, nor was it ever mentioned if the parents and other family members were vaccinated or the child’s daily exposure. Your jumping to the conclusion that this child received the virus from unvaccinated parents has no validity, as this status was never mentioned and furthermore if the parents are unvaccinated why were they not also under quarantine or admitted into the hospital.
        The fact of the matter is this article simply does not state one way or the other. The contact tracing was not done or at least was not mentioned. The article does not state the parents were or were not vaccinated. It is just as probable that the vaccinated parents “Typhoid Mary’d” their own child.
        Jumping to conclusions and immediately blaming the group you do not agree with simply has no merit in this instance. Unless you have additional facts about this specific incident (and can properly cite additional information) you are simply parroting the rhetoric with no factual basis.

        1. Yes, there are details missing. But it doesn’t change the emphasis that people who CAN be vaccinated need to do so for the sake of those who can not. It’s a fact that vaccination reduces the chances of being able to infect others, and that’s what matters.

          1. Well tell the FDA to get a move on it. Once it is federally approved and the EUA is lifted and Big pharma are no longer operating under the exemption of liability and there is no waiver needing to be signed to receive the vaccine, more will be in the line. Just because one CAN get the vaccine under the current EUA doesn’t mean getting to become a test subject is Okay. Facts are still facts and typically when a pharmaceutical company opts to use the populace as the test subjects they are told this is occurring and they are also usually paid for being a lab rat. Just because these companies didn’t pay anyone makes me wonder even more about the 68.9% of the populace that did. What else is this 68.9% of the populace willing to allow to be done to them?

          2. Wrong! If you kept up on the latest propaganda, even the CDC has admitted the vaccine does not keep you from getting or giving the virus, now changed the push for the vaccine from “keeps from spreading” to “reduces your chance for hospitalizations”, and don’t forget your soon needed 3 shot as a booster!

        2. AMZ…you never cease to amaze me with your comments to Check. You know he doesn’t like to be put in his place. You keep up the good work I commend you for your comments! Thank you!

      2. you are correct about no vaccine for RSV.
        When you google it- the first statement is NO, but all the following articles talk about when it should be given (if it existed) the reason it was discontinued in 1966, etc.The results almost contradict themselves.

        1. I’m sure “richierich” will claim I’m wrong regardless of the fact that you verified the fact.

          1. There you are again…crying in your truth serum Check. By the way…I’m not the only one who claims you are wrong. It’s just impossible for you to be wrong…right?

  2. I have a feeling that a few weeks after halloween we’ll see another big jump in cases. Sugar kills your immune system. Especially soda pops

    1. cancer LOVES sugar.
      In fact, a new therapy being tested to treat cancer is putting “sugar bombs into a patient with a trojan horse inside. The cancer cells attract these high sugar “bombs. Once admitted to the cancer cell-it obliterates cancer.

  3. the reason that the agenda is having so many positive cases right now is due to “The Summer of Love” and crowd in and take your mask off. I avoid all these situations.
    A Merry Christmas in July from Mr biden

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