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Colorado Springs School District 49 bans Critical Race Theory


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Parents gathered Thursday night at Colorado Springs School District 49's board meeting arguing for and against teaching Critical Race Theory.

The controversial curriculum has been a hot-button topic throughout the nation and locally. In March, parents in Colorado Springs School District 20 spoke out against teaching Critical Race Theory.

Thursday night, nearly all of the public comments focused on a resolution to ban CRT in District 49. Parents opposing teaching CRIT claimed it would divide students.

One parent who spoke claimed, "CRT indoctrinates our children into racism."

A small minority defended CRT, saying that not allowing it to be taught is ignoring America's history.

Ultimately, District 49 voted to ban CRT 3-2.

However, this ban might be a moot point. There's nothing at the state level demanding CRT be taught in Colorado schools. Several members of the Colorado Board of Education say they're not sure if this is a resolution, considering the problem of mandated teaching of CRT doesn't exist in the state.

Additionally, some believe Thursday night's debate and further focus on CRT has monopolized time that could've been focused on other important district and diversity issues.

"I think we are making a strong statement against CRT, but it will come at a cost that can affect us for years to come," said District 49 operations officer Pedro Almeida.

Another part of the discussion was about improving the language in the resolution. District 49 board members want to make sure it's clear to teachers what can and cannot be taught.

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  1. Good for the attending parents and all others who opposed CRT propaganda and indoctrinating our students. Thank you for taking an interest and being involved.

    1. Oh, yes. Good for the fearful parents and all others who don’t want their children to be taught the true history of their own country. The “propaganda” is thick around the outrage around CRT – which has never been taught in K-12 schools. Soon D-49 will follow Texas and seek to outlaw the teaching of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech. Can’t have our youth “thinking” about what he was talking about back in 1963, consider what is still going on in America and connect the dots…
      – – – –
      What you try to hide cannot be hidden. The truth will out. The kids have cell phones and internet. They simply will not trust you when they find out. They will wonder why you tried to tell them it was only good people under those white hoods. Back then and now, walking around with bigger guns.
      – – – –
      You are lucky POC seek justice and equality, rather than revenge. Perhaps that’s why some are so afraid to have our nation’s history taught. A hit dog howls.

      1. CRT does not teach history, it teaches racism and how to have a chip on your shoulder for no reason. Why teach kids that they are oppressed before they have even experienced the world? All it does is beat down the students. Teaching that if you are white means you are automatically racist and an oppressor. Do you really know what CRT is?
        They still teach history and about slavery and how bad it was. We teach history so we don’t repeat the mistakes of others.

  2. CRT isn’t even taught at the K-12 level. It is college level study. This is just another dog whistle for the right wing to waste time on.

  3. “District 49 board members want to make sure it’s clear to teachers what can and cannot be taught.”
    If that’s mandated at the state level, any further discussion is a moot point if the teachers can’t understand English.

  4. That is great news it should be banned and outlawed in the whole country.
    CRT was designed by the radical Marxist Democrats for only one purpose, that is to inspire racism, hatred, and violence against all white people. That is an addition to destroying America’s history, culture, Christian values and country.

    1. Do you label the objects of all your theories as originated by Marxist Democrats? You seem to have no other focus in life.

    2. BTW, it was not designed by Democrats. Much of it was derived from well know racial extremist organizations. And it isn’t even a single theory. It’s a collection of ideas that turn racial issues into extremely complex problems, for which simpler explanations generally make more sense.

  5. CRT is not history. It is teaching that you are automatically oppressed if you are a person of color and you are automatically racist and an oppressor if you are white. This is not something kids need to be taught. It gains nothing. It only serves to inflame a race war in the US.

  6. “A small minority defended CRT, saying that not allowing it to be taught is ignoring America’s history.” Sure, but it’s OK to tear down and destroy historic statues and monuments.

    1. Monuments are erected specifically to honor those depicted, many of whom are now known to be perpetrators of activities no longer considered honorable. That’s the distinction.

  7. Kids that are old enough to experience racism are old enough to learn about its’ history.

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