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Tri-Lakes Little League player test positive for COVID-19; team not able to play in regional tournament

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Tri-Lakes Little League softball team, scheduled to play Santa Fe New Mexico on Sunday, July 25th in Waco, Texas in the little league regional tournament, will not be able to participate after a player tested positive for COVID-19.

Had the team won regionals, they would have gone to the Little League Softball World Series.

The Tri-Lakes Little League softball team won the Colorado State Championship earlier this week.

A statement from Little League International says:

"Little League® International has been informed of at least one positive COVID-19 test within the Colorado State Little League Softball tournament team at the Southwest Region tournament prior to intake. In consultation with its medical advisors, Little League International has notified the team that it will no longer be able to participate in the tournament. The team members and their families have been informed of all appropriate health measures to help ensure all individuals are cared for, and that appropriate isolation and quarantine efforts are being followed.

First and foremost, Little League International wishes all those impacted a full and healthy recovery. More information on the impact to the tournament schedule will be available at"

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  1. And so it starts. Schools where the #1 spreader of covid in El Paso County last year. They are already announcing they will not follow recommendations and do what they want. Get ready for your kids to be spending time in the hospital with this delta veriant. Even phizer now is only about 50% effective but it’s better than nothing. Just go get the damned shots before we have a repeat.

    1. Wow Alexi! You have made up A LOT of BS here! Remember: 93% of statistics seen on internet comment forums are made up on the spot! (Including the one I just typed!)

    2. You’re so right Alexi, so it starts. So starts all the BS that takes away learning, socialization and sports for our kids. For what? So it starts, lefties like you who think they know better and want control. Thought you Libs got your payday to make schools safer and vaccines for teachers??? I want my money back! You’re all so full of cow excrement. Get off your dam high horse, Alexi.

  2. I’m am sure the rest of her team is not happy with her and now you publish it for everyone to see. KRDO, just because you can publish it doesn’t mean you should.

    1. The team is fully supporting their teammate. They don’t blame her and only want to ensure she is healthy. The rest of the girls tested negative and want to play in this once in a lifetime experience, for themselves and in her honor.

      1. This article lacks context and relevant details. Link to more complete article is below.

  3. Its not the kids making the decisions to get vaxed or not…but in this case its definitely the kids who pay the price for adult decisions.

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