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The Tri-Lakes Little League softball All-Star team is heading to the Little League regionals in Texas

The 12 and under Tri Lakes Little League softball all-star team has all of the championship pieces, "We all are certain puzzle pieces fitting into one puzzle. It felt very good to know that us as a team had won," says Corinna Arellano, Tri-Lakes All-Star shortstop. Winning the state championship was a thrill of a lifetime, "It was probably one of the best experiences ever and I'm probably not going to be in those same shoes again and I'm so happy I got to be there," says Victoria Darling, Tri-Lakes All-Star third baseman. "In my surroundings, I just think it's the greatest thing in the world," says Corinna Arellano.

This great team will get another great experience as they will play in the little league softball regionals in Waco, Texas, "I mean at this age, I'm not one hundred percent sure but I don't think many girls get this opportunity, especially athletes. I'm very blessed and lucky to be on this team. I think Waco has so much opportunity that no matter what it's going to be a really good outcome," says Darling. Tri-Lakes All-Star head coach Dion Arellano adds, "The stage is gonna be much bigger. I expect some nervousness up until they say play ball." His daughter, Corinna admits that there will be some nerves, "I will say there's a 50/50 both nervousness and excited. We are very confident in our team but we have to stay very humble about it, and not to make ourselves overwhelmed about it." "I think the competition is going to be good but you know we're here too and I think we have a good chance," says Darling.

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