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Pueblo Police find missing Alzheimer’s patient deceased near home

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Pueblo Police tell KRDO 81-year old Daniel Otero, who had been missing since early Saturday morning, was found dead in a ravine south of his Pueblo home near Eagleridge Drive.

Otero was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease more than a decade ago. His husband Neil Woodard says Otero started wandering from the home when the moved to Pueblo from Albuquerque New Mexico a year ago.

Woodard last saw Otero around 4:15 a.m. Saturday when he got out of bed to go to the bathroom, but Otero never returned.

Woodard told KRDO NewsChannel 13 he was finding it difficult to stay hopeful. Otero was in poor health, and hadn't taken any medications since Friday.

Pueblo Police searched on foot, in ATV's and with drones until their search came to its conclusion on Wednesday.

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    1. Sad indeed. But I wonder if things are so bad for a person who has suffered from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease for over 10 years. I often question whether extending the life of everyone we can is the best thing for them, or for the family.

    1. I’ve discovered that any word with ALPHA SIERRA SIERRA in it triggers the censor algorithm. Not sure what other letter combinations are also triggers.

    2. Join the club. The ones I hit most frequently are everyday medical words containing the sequence that RMC SS indicates. Try again if you get time. I always value your point of view, even when it differs from mine. Although I’m not sure if you were actually trying to reply to me…

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