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CDOT launches campaign to keep motorcyclists safe and drivers alert

COLORADO (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Transportation launched a new campaign aimed at reminding drivers to look out for motorcycles on the roads.

After seeing a new record in motorcycle deaths in 2020, CDOT says this year's deaths are down 18 percent. To date, there have been 59 motorcycle fatalities in 2021.

According to CDOT, motorcyclists made up 23 percent of all traffic deaths in Colorado despite representing only 3 percent of the vehicles on the roadway.

In 2020, 140 motorcyclists were killed on Colorado roads. According to CDOT, most motorcycle fatalities took place in El Paso County with 26 deaths and Jefferson County with 15 deaths. Pueblo County had the fifth-highest number of fatalities with nine.


The campaign, Things are Hard to See, launched Wednesday. CDOT says the campaign recognizes that motorcycles are much smaller than cars and can be difficult to see.

"Every one of these motorcycle crashes could have been prevented,” said CDOT’s Office of Transportation Safety Director Darrell Lingk. “Taking a moment to check blind spots and using extra caution when pulling into an intersection can be the difference between life and death for a motorcyclist.” 

A public service announcement will be broadcast on radio stations saying:

Motorcycles are hard to see. But some things are harder to see. Like emergency rooms. Funerals. And crying faces. Save a life. Look twice for motorcycles when turning left

Things are Hard to See campaign, CDOT

In addition to the radio broadcast message, social media announcements will be used statewide.


CDOT asks drivers to:

  • Allow extra space when following a motorcycle
  • Allow motorcycles the full width of a lane at all times
  • Use extra caution when turning left at an intersection - motorcycles can be hard to see from a distance
  • Check twice for motorcycle before turning, changing lanes, or merging with traffic
  • Never drive distracted or impaired

For more information on the Things are Hard to See campaign, click here.

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  1. “motorcyclists made up 23 percent of all traffic deaths in Colorado despite representing only 3 percent of the vehicles on the roadway”
    Those numbers say a lot. But the campaign doesn’t take into account the many motorcyclists who drive without due regard for other motorists. I’d like to see hard numbers of how many motorcycle crashes are caused by the motorcyclists themselves, although I know many are indeed caused by other motorists not seeing the motorcyclists.

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