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The Colorado military basketball team is helping those who serve

"Being able to to go all out let those competitive juices flow. That's been a blessing," says Dr. Michael Argyle, An Air Force medicine physician.

The Colorado Military basketball team gives those who serve a chance to continue play ultimate hoops, "It's fun. There's a lot of camaraderie," says Lionelle Simpson, a staff sergeant at Fort Carson.

Not only do they get to play the game they love but it helps them in many ways, "It's just a stress relief for most of them too. super Argyle and you know that stress builds and builds and this is a great outlet," says Argyle. Simpson adds, "And I know guys are going through some things right now, so to joke around and take their mind off there issues is a big deal." Major Michael Meyers is the head coach and is one of the founders of the Military basketball association and he knows all too well how difficult it can be to reveal personal struggles, "A lot of times guys don't want to talk about the things that they've experienced. I bottled it up for a good four-five years. I didn't really talk about it until 2013, says Major Michael Meyers. What ended up happening was this is classic, this is post traumatic stress. If you are part of a team you are part of a family. If you are part of a family then it's easier for people to relate and talk too about these things."

The players say playing on this team is a slam dunk, "It just takes our minds off of everything and then we return back to the real world I guess," says Simpson.

Rob Namnoum

Rob is the Sports Director at KRDO-TV. He started working at KRDO in 1999. He has covered the NFL since 1998. Learn more about Rob here.

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