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Colorado Springs Police increase DUI enforcement ahead of 4th of July

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs Police say they're bumping up DUI enforcement ahead of the 4th of July holiday weekend.

According to CSPD, the initiative will last throughout the summer. CSPD says the goal is to make roads and citizens safer this season.

CSPD asks people to "make the right call" and not drive impaired.




  1. CDOR’s financial “heat is on” campaign is in full swing again, hold onto your wallets. One has to acknowledge the sheer abrasive stance CSPD and other LEA’s take on these campaigns. In the start up of the video in this article, it states “C.S.P.D. warns”. Instead of the citizen friendly community oriented policing stance that was a missed opportunity to state, “C.S.P.D. advises”. It amazes me that the PIO’s of these agencies didn’t listen to their training(s) they received from attending the PIO class(es) and became certified anyways. One of these statements is deliberately intimidating, as to come from a authoritarian figure, like a parent speaking to their child. The other statement is making a recommendation through a notification, like one would expect in a peer to peer relationship. People know LEA’s will arrest for DUI, they do every year.
    If this was meant to be a “Public Service announcement” it missed the mark and landed closer to a “Declaration of Intent”. LEA’s should stop viewing themselves as the communities authoritarian, and get back to being peacekeepers. Communities don’t need a bunch of LEO’s running around screaming “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY” like a version of South Park’s Police Cartman. We need LEO’s that walk softly, but carry a big stick and only use the stick when necessary and only to the point to gain compliance of the suspect.
    P.S. I would like to note that if CSPD is “bumping up DUI enforcement ahead of the 4th of July holiday weekend.” This will obviously mean that CSPD will have less personnel to respond to unauthorized fireworks calls for service.
    At least CSPD admin figured out which problem is the bigger issue, DUI’s or unauthorized fireworks. Now if only we can get CSPD’s Admin to utilize the training they have already received and actually “Walk the line”.

  2. Yawn. State and Federal money should be spent cracking down on the explosion of general lawlessness, i.e., speeding and red light running.

    1. Yeah, those are some hard core criminals that warrant special treatment more so than anyone that commits a misdemeanor or a felony. Traffic infraction violators all the way…

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