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Governor’s office responds to Republicans’ call to end $300 federal unemployment benefits

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) — The office of Gov. Jared Polis is answering Republican calls to end a federal unemployment benefit scheduled to expire the first week of September.

In a letter Thursday, U.S. Representatives Doug Lamborn, Ken Buck, and Lauren Boebert of Colorado asked Gov. Polis to stop offering the extra boost before September to push people back into the workforce. At least 25 Republican-led states have ended the $300 federal unemployment benefit early.

A spokesperson for the governor gave KRDO a statement on Friday.

"This is the first time we are hearing from U.S. Reps. Buck, Lamborn, and Boebert on ending enhanced unemployment benefits in Colorado. Congress shouldn’t be paying it out if they don’t want states to use it. It’s free money from the federal government for Colorado and if Colorado ended it before Congress is paying it through the first week in September, it would drain roughly $600 - 800 million out of our state. 

The Governor is focused on swiftly and effectively distributing millions in relief from federal stimulus received by the state and he appreciates the work of those in the federal delegation that sought to ensure Colorado received this much-needed funding. If Congress would like to increase the flexibility on how Colorado could use the $600-800 million, Colorado would be interested in other uses, but it would be idiotic to send it back instead of sending it along to hardworking Coloradans in need.

We know that just because more Coloradans are returning to full-time work after this global pandemic, it doesn’t mean their financial challenges are going to simply disappear. Coloradans who are out of work are looking for jobs across Colorado. Colorado was one of the earlier states to put the requirement back in place that all unemployment beneficiaries are actively searching for a job to qualify for benefits. 

We want to make sure that Coloradans are set up for success as they transition back into the workforce. We’re thrilled that 7,953 claimants have already opted into the Jumpstart program as of June 7, 2021, and more and more workers are taking advantage of the $1200 incentive if they return to work and end their unemployment benefits during June. The Governor was in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction this week and heard very positive things about how the bonuses have increased applications. CDLE will be updating this number every Monday and publishing on its UI Daily Dashboard.”

Conor Cahill, Press Secretary for Gov. Jared Polis

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    1. I’m guessing you probably agree with this comment from Polis as well? “It’s free money from the federal government…”
      No such thing as “free money.” It all adds to the national debt that we, our kids and our grandkids will have to pay back some day, if the country doesn’t become insolvent at some point and collapse.

  1. “Coloradans who are out of work are looking for jobs across Colorado.”
    And there are twice as many people out of work as there are open jobs. So why not take money from those who actually need it . . . ?

      1. Because the available jobs don’t pay enough for people to live on. And yes, people can receive more money by staying at home. So the solution is either to give people incentives to go back to work (which has already encouraged many to do so) and/or raise the wages being offered so they become real living wages.

    1. STFU already RealityCheck. Have you even left your house yet? Everywhere I go there are Help Wanted Signs. Check your reality you tool. Sucks that people like you that have “superior intelligence” are still supporting this. You can give me all your lies, but I live in the Real world and not some dumba$$ fantasy like you.

      1. Yes, you see signs for jobs that don’t pay a living wage. You try living off what they offer, and you’ll see why others are smart enough to not take those jobs.

          1. Your generalizations are so predictable and out of line. I know people who have been out of work for over a year, who have now spent all their “emergency” savings to keep a roof over their family’s heads. And they still can’t find work that can help pay their mortgage and other recurring bills. Their financial management skills are excellent. But you can’t conjure up income without a job to match their work skills.
            It’s not liberals blaming low wages. It’s real facts of life, which you manage to ignore at every opportunity.

  2. “It’s free money from the federal government…”
    No, Sparky, there is no such thing as “free money”. This is money the federal government “printed” out to put into multi trillion dollar “relief” programs. It doesn’t exist and will merely lead to increased taxes or inflation.

    1. According to RealityCheck and their “Superior Intelligence”(yes he said said that) money doesn’t grow on trees but we can always print more!! What an a$$hole RealityCheck us. I bet their the type that cuts over in front of you last second and turns because their too stupid to think ahead more than a block when driving.

        1. People have lived on far less. The big lie is that government should be our master and provider when the reality check is it has far less to do with how much money and far more to do with impetus and morality. Those who don’t have enough last year, this year, today – will NEVER have enough.

          1. Of course people have lived on less. But people who have worked for many years to achieve the American dream obviously require higher-than-minimum wages just to maintain that dream.
            It’s obvious that many commenters here haven’t experienced that part of life yet, so they can’t be expected to understand how it works for most people.

  3. Actually Reality Check. It is the opposite of your belief. There are more available jobs than unemployed. Simply meaning there are lots of available jobs to those who WANT TO WORK. Don’t you read and se signs that employers are actually paying INCENTIVES and sign up bonuses to apply for a job? Whether the federal or state government, funding “stimulus checks” is not a stimulus at all. It is creating a dependency upon the government.

    1. If you’d look back over my posts from a while back, you’d see that I agree that it’s creating a dependency on the government. But your assumptions about the numbers of jobs available are wrong. There are many jobs advertised that don’t pay a living wage, and there are more people who can’t afford to take them. My concern is for those people who, like many others, have long-standing financial commitments that they shouldn’t have to forego, but no available jobs to help them pay those bills. Just because people have mortgages and car payments doesn’t mean they’re wealthy.

      1. I’m curious what u think is a livable wage? Is it 15$ like fast food workers want, cause if that will get me a straw for a drink I order or the sandwich I order then by all means raise it. How much are you willing to pay for your next big Mac? If u want higher livable wages then people damn well better start putting in the effort for said livable wage, cause right now the laziness and expectation for pay at half ass effort doesn’t work. Frankly I am tired of busting my butt so people can get handed money for not doing crap. The entitlement in this country is absurd. It will never be enough, raising wages is not the answer. You r not in touch with “reality”.

  4. You can’t get a job unless you get “that injection”.Federal law is backing this.
    For those who cannot or do not want that experimental injection-they cannot get hired anywhere.

  5. The dems want to keep as many people as possible on government assistance, that way when an election comes up they can claim that the Republican’s are going to take away their free money.

  6. Check…you are such a tool…and the best part…you don’t even know. You must be one of those “woke” individuals with all of your liberal rhetoric. And I’m sure there are many on this site who agree. Have a good day!

    1. I’m sure you’re correct that there are many people who will agree with you. But there are also many people who apparently thought Trump was God. It doesn’t mean they’re always right . . .

  7. Hey RealityCheck, minimum age is not intended to be a career enhancer. It is a entry level wage for an entry level job. It is expected that someone who is self-motivated will seek greater responsibilities via grants, loans, scholarships, employment tuition assistance to further themselves professionally and ethically and NOT remain at an entry level “career”.

  8. Reality says.. “There are many jobs advertised that don’t pay a living wage, and there are more people who can’t afford to take them. My concern is for those people who, like many others, have long-standing financial commitments that they shouldn’t have to forego, but no available jobs to help them pay those bills. Just because people have mortgages and car payments doesn’t mean they’re wealthy.”
    The real world says…. What did these people do before the pandemic? You are saying that now their job doesn’t pay as much as it use to? One problem is some are making more on unemployment then they did working before. Some have even adjusted their budgets based on the higher income from unemployment so yeas they are in a pickle as they should be.
    Those with long-standing financial commitments……… If they worked hard for it they won’t have a problem working for it now. Many people lived beyond their means before the pandemic, its the American way. It is not up to society to adjust wages for people who have made poor financial decisions.
    There are many jobs with a more than livable wage that are unfilled and have been for awhile. Not all the jobs out there are at McDonalds, I guess that’s where you have been paying attention to.
    But I have seen Reality around for a long time and even though he says otherwise he is a blue party man through and through. He will deny it and say he is independent but he is not. Its not what you are listed as in the voter rolls. Your true colors show in your opinions and posts. But everyone is allowed an opinion even if they don’t think for themselves.

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