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Colorado Springs seeking public feedback on Platte Ave. improvements

Colorado Springs seeking public feedback on Platte Ave. improvements

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) - The city of Colorado Springs will be kicking off their Platte Avenue, year-long corridor study by hosting a virtual public meeting Wednesday night to discuss transportation issues. The corridor study will take place along Platte Avenue between Interstate 25 and North Powers Boulevard, looking at how residents use the area in order to improve how people travel by car, public transportation, foot, or bike through the six-mile stretch.

Residents will have the opportunity to learn and voice concerns about the Platte Avenue Corridor Study and identify the multi-modal transportation solution along the six-mile corridor between I-25 and North Powers Boulevard.

During the meeting, the project team will share a project overview and schedule. They will also preview a map-based tool to collect feedback on current conditions along Platte Avenue.

The city's goal is to collect data to better understand the current conditions, future travel needs how this former highway corridor may better serve the surrounding neighborhoods and overall community.

The Project Timeline:

  • Existing Conditions and Corridor Analysis (Spring-Summer 2021)
  • Solutions and Alternatives Drafting (Summer 2021)
  • Draft Project List and Solutions Comparison (Summer-Fall 2021)
  • Project Identification and Costing, Draft Plan Development (Fall-Winter 2021)
  • Plan Refinement (Early Spring 2022)
  • Final Plan (Late Spring 2022)

To register for the meeting today click here. It starts at 5:30 p.m.

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  1. Most of Colofornia Springs old infrastructure is like an old ugly pig that they keep trying to put lipstick on. Because of unbridled growth Colofornia Springs is now a traffic hell with horrible roads that are in a continuous cycle of potholes and repair.

    1. I’m too distracted by Texan drivers to notice the roads. I’m thinking they need to take a new license test before they can drive on our roads. I swear they have no clue on what to do.

      1. There are a LOT of Colorado drivers with the same problem. I often wonder where some of them bought their drivers’ licenses because they sure didn’t pass the driving test doing the stuff they do on the road…nobody seems to know that left turns do NOT have the right of way unless at a left turn signal. Left turners need to wait until traffic is clear to make their turns, one of the rules of the road. See a LOT more big trucks flying through left turns on Powers whether they have the light or not. A few more of them need to get the connector string from their phones to their noses removed too.

  2. catching Platee at Powers gives me a straight shot all the way to Union Blvd-I have to travel that length of Platte at least 3-4x a month for medical treatment at Memorial. It is a clean straight shot, only a small small part is down to one lane for a sloooowwww city project.
    I don’t know what else they can do to Platte to expedite the flow of traffic BUT BIKE LANES ARE NOT THE ANSWER.. and when are they going to make the 5 or so people that use our bike lanes carry insurance and pay tag and registration fees to contribute to the infrastructure that all motorists must pay???

  3. Forget bike lanes they need to add pedestrian lanes instead not everyone has a car one of the worst parts of our city is the severe lack of pedestrian access and don’t even waste time discussing our useless “public transportation”

  4. There is not room to do anything along Platte through the city. So it will be just repave, replace some curb and gutter and some freshly painted lines. How much time and money do you need to waste to figure that out?

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