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Vaccination rate drops in El Paso County following news of $1 million drawings

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- The whole point of Colorado's Comeback Cash program was to encourage COVID-19 vaccines statewide.

A week and a half later, the results are in. 13 Investigates reveal Colorado did not get nearly the bang for its buck that Ohio did. On May 25, Gov. Jared Polis announced most Coloradans who received the COVID-19 vaccine would have five shots at $1 million.

According to the Ohio Health Department, vaccines increased by 28% the weekend following the state's Vax-a-Million program roll-out. The Colorado Comeback Cash drawings are a close copycat of the Ohio incentive. But the results in Colorado don't compare.

Now, state leaders are defending the pricey program yielding slight results so far.

"I don't think anyone expected a spike," said Gov. Jared Polis. "We want to stay at a high level of vaccinations and sustain that over time."

The number of daily COVID-19 vaccinations peaked in Colorado on April 9. More than 82,000 doses were doled out that day alone, according to data from the state's vaccine dashboard. The vaccination rate has since dropped significantly since then. Hence, the Colorado Comeback Cash announcement.

Unlike Ohio, however, the statewide vaccination rate remained steady following news of Colorado's vaccine sweepstakes on May 25.

  • May 21: 33,142 doses administered
  • May 22: 28,072 doses administered
  • May 23: 13,504 doses administered
  • May 24: 20,947 doses administered
  • May 25: 24,020 doses administered - day lottery was announced
  • May 26: 23,650 doses administered
  • May 27: 23,400 doses administered
  • May 28: 23,670 doses administered
  • May 29: 15,127 doses administered
  • May 30: 7,276 doses administered

El Paso County is one area in the state still struggling with vaccine participation, especially when compared to Denver County, which is the closest in size to El Paso.

In the week before the announcement of the million-dollar drawing, vaccinations in El Paso County increased by 2.3%, according to data from El Paso County Public Health. However, in the week following the news of the vaccine lottery, vaccinations in El Paso County increased by about half that, 1.2%.

"Yeah so this is the first week," said Gov. Polis. "We're expecting that you and your colleagues will cover the winners and that of course will help generate interest."

According to the state, the prize money for the Colorado Comeback Cash comes from federal CARES Act funding set aside for vaccine ad campaigns.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. I don’t care to gamble my health for a million dollars and much less after taxes for an unethical vaccine to a disease that I have a 1/100 of a percent chance of dying from it. Far more serious, is the eternal consequences of denying the humanity of babies that were used to generate fetal cell lines for testing and/or producing this vaccine. What kind of society kills two babies and makes medicine out of them? What kind of government insists upon tainting its citizens with the murder of babies and calls it safe and effective? In the next fifty years, the majority of us will have died in one form or another. What we do in this life matters in the next. I will not call God a liar to obtain man-made “safety.”

    1. It’s 2/10 of a percent chance of dying (about 2 in every 1000) for the population, but I appreciate you posting about the cell line problem. The fact that we don’t have a single vaccine available that doesn’t use those lines really decreases trust.

      1. Those cell lines were used in early Covid vaccine research before alternatives to fetal T-cells were discovered. Now, none of the current Vaccines use fetal T-cells or their derivatives anywhere in their production. Any statement that they do is just another conspiracy theory from the Trump-based camp.

        1. Why is it that you think that everyone that disagrees with you us a Trump fanatic? You’re ignorance has now turned into foolishness.

          1. Reading broadly and using logic confirms the origins of most of these conspiracy theories. Although Trump often rides on the coat-tails of other camps, blowing them up out of all proportion.

  2. It’s a well known fact that Republican states (and counties) have lower vaccination rates than Democratic states (and counties.) Also higher Covid infection rates. Go figure.

    1. More BS numbers from the government you can’t trust. My entire republican family and all our relatives have been vaccinated. It is well know that African Americans have the lowest vaccination rates and they vote 96 percent democrat. By far, the demographic which had been struggling most with the virus is Latinos, which is over 2/3rd democrats. That doesn’t jive with your political party affiliation numbers.

      1. You and your family apparently have more common sense that the average among Republicans as a whole. Statistics never tell the full story, and are only averages.

        1. Oh say you just said African Americans don’t have any aebse because they are lagging in vaccinations That’s essentially what you said.

          1. No, you can’t turn a statistical analysis around and produce a valid conclusion.

        1. Just a statement of fact. You only have to read some comments here to realize that many Trump supporters are probably not being vaccinated because they want to screw up the statistics for the Biden administration. So if they’re gullible enough to be persuaded by Trump’s arguments, perhaps they’ll be tempted by a means where they really may have a chance to gain something tangible.

        1. I stand corrected. He did say that once, back on March 17th on Fox news. But that obviously didn’t work too well. And it doesn’t stop them deliberately trying to screw up President Biden’s subsequent vaccination plans.

  3. OK…first order of business name calling: Check you are an absolute horses arse and really have no sense of reality. Maybe you should change your moniker to StupidityCheck!

    Let’s look at C.O.D. (cause of death). The cause of death has implications for things like life insurance. If you have a policy that covers accidental death only, it won’t pay out for an illness. Or maybe accidental death has a much bigger payout. Totally fraud what they have done. And now that so many have been jabbed, the CDC suddenly recognized the difference between dying FROM the virus and dying WITH the virus. Funny that. And of course, “breakthrough” cases of the virus in people who have been jabbed, can only count if the CT on the PCR test is below 28. If 28 had been the standard all along, there would not have been a “pandemic.”

    It is so GREAT to see like minded WOKE people responding on here. In another realm, the world, I’m told the spike protein is just a shell – it can’t travel and break the blood brain barrier or land on organs.

    Every time I think I’m learning, main stream has already swung the bat.

    And if you are talking to someone who only listens to mainstream – we on here are the minority – the crazies. One guy even said we need a yellow star on our clothes to show the unvaccinated are dirty. This SAME GUY has debilitating lethargy that he can’t pinpoint and sleep issues plaguing him – and I ask questions like, “was it this way before you were vax’d?” But they don’t want to hear it.


    It seems like we are heading into Wild West times

    1. You are spot on, not to mention that this was completely rushed gene therapy and key trials were skipped:

      The fact that the PCR test which the inventor said “doesn’t tell you if you are sick” was the primary testing method and justification for labeling this a pandemic should be enough to tell you this was all BS. People need to wake up and realize they had a scam pulled on them and there was no pandemic.

  4. DO NOT dismiss these BIG LIES:

    1) herd immunity through “vaccination”.

    2) Fauci – “we to need to get to 70% vaccinated to achieve herd immunity”.

    3) they will stop bullying, pushing, coercing, exhorting, shaming, ridiculing, attacking & ostracizing those refusing the “Death Shot” once the 70% vaccinated number is reached.

    NOT! The goal of the satanic psychopathic Death Cult running the world is 100% vaccination, & they will not stop even at 100% because this isn’t about a virus, whatsoever, it is all about fearmongering, dehumanization, theft, enslavement, inflicting maximum cruelty, pain, suffering, & ultimately, murder. Do not under estimate just how much excitement & elation these rabid satanic psychopaths get from the blood lust of fear, panic, pain, agony, suffering, & death that they can inflict on the subjects they refer to as “useful idiots” & “useless eaters”.

  5. We have a Surge of dwindling “cases.” A Surge of dwindling deaths attributed to Covid. A surge of bribes, lottery’s & schemes to entice a public to submit to the Jab. A huge surge in Legacy Media reporting just how wonderful and responsible the Jab is for any positives, regardless the Jab neither keeps anyone from getting the virus or for stopping the spread of it. (Oh, and a Surge of using the word Surge for a multitude of subjects, lest we lose the ever present fear they are cultivating in the back of our minds.)

  6. The people that got a placebo shot for this social experiment will be the first ones loaded on the boxcars because they will blindly follow what the government says.

        1. This forum does not recognize biases or ignorance, or you would be long gone on both counts. But I will object to anyone who brings such anti-American implications to any discussion as “SmarterThanYou”. And I’m disgusted that you don’t seem to agree with that, or are you another Nazi sympathizer?

          1. You are a total arse! You don’t know me and you never will. By calling me a Nazi sympathizer you have proved who you really are. I am a proud citizen of these United States of America not a staunch liberal such as yourself and wants to destroy America. You a vet? Dumb question to ask…

          2. I had to assume you could be a Nazi sympathizer because you jumped to the defense of another commenter who compared our current government to Nazis. So I asked the question.
            And yes, I’m a veteran and proud of my service to our country. And I’m trying my best to prevent the destruction of our country by a bunch of people calling themselves “Republicans” who have forgotten what the Republican movement is all about and are allowing Trump to continue his rampage.

      1. Identity politics…check
        agreeing on critical race theory…check
        labeling people and places…check
        pushes class warfare…check
        advances cancel culture….check
        repeated double standards…check
        no limit and repeated your hypocrisy…check
        Yep, you’re a Liberal.

  7. Got those if you who love the vaccine, especially all you democrats, thank Donald Trump’s for getting the vaccine out in “warp speed” time. The states and people suffering the most from the pandemic are democrat run states. Deal with it.

    1. If only Trump had followed through with plans to distribute the vaccines when they became available. But apparently his only plan was to throw them over the borders to the states to handle. Except he forgot to tell the states about it so they could plan accordingly. Duh!

        1. Of course the state did, once President Biden took hold of the situation and communicated what little information there was with the State Governors.
          As for furloughed individuals, do you think all the available information was relayed to you?

      1. Funny. I remember Biden campaigning on changing things to distribute the vaccine. Once in office he stated that he is not going to change anything as things are on a good track. He only signed a few things to make fed govt to start opening vaccine super sites. 90% were shut down after less then a month due to lack of people utilizing the program. We saw it here in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. It was a joke and they went back to the original plan. Whos plan was it originally????
        This is the problem when you are sold that Biden is the answer to Trumps madness but it was all talk and once elected he backtracked on so many things and praised operation warp speed once he had seen it all. Go figure right? Trashing someone without knowing the facts…… then to find out they were right. Will there ever be an apology or retraction. No. So keep drinking the CNN Koolaid and don’t think for yourself, the socialist depend on you for that.

        1. What you apparently don’t remember is how President Biden started planning for the vaccine distribution before he took office. Once he realized hos little had been done, he put a task force in place to start what everyone had assumed was already happening, and he actually got the process started.

          1. The vaccine didn’t exist until sleepy Joe was rolled into the White House. Remember?

          2. The Pfizer vaccine was first authorized by the FDA for emergency use on December 11, 2020. But it was still in sub-zero storage warehouses and had to be distributed, and plans made to get it into patient’s arms. President Biden had spent the few weeks before taking office with his task force getting those things organized, because nothing had been done by Trump in that regard.

      2. There was no need for a vaccine, HCQ, Ivermectin and Budesonide would have saved many lives. Had the media promoted vitamin D, C Zinc and Quercetin as preventative measures we wouldn’t be in this mess. Trump promoted these things and the media attacked him.

        Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

        If you are interested here is a database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies. 302 studies, 222 peer reviewed, 252 comparing treatment and control groups.

        Here is some information on budesonide.

        1. There are no known preventatives. There are now some prophylactics, which mitigate the progress of Covid infections, and there are drugs that quite effectively treat some of the most significant symptoms. But there is nothing that prevents infections, nor is there any cure. The closest thing to preventatives are the vaccines, which minimize the chances of becoming infected or seriously disabled or killed by the Covid virus. But no one wants to hear that, because it doesn’t mesh with the anti-vax movement’s baseless disinformation.
          The drugs you point to are effective for what they were designed and approved. Budesonide is effective for severe asthma. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are both effective anti-parasite agents. But Quercetin has not been approved for any medicinal use. And none of these has been shown in medical studies to have any efficacy against the Covid-19 virus.

        2. I omitted to mention that Chloroquine is effective against the original SARS coronavirus, first documented around 18 years ago, but is NOT effective against the Covid-19 virus, which is different in case you didn’t realize.

          1. I don’t get any of this information from CNN. I get it primarily from articles in well-respected medical publications.

  8. “Now, state leaders are defending the pricey program yielding slight results so far. “I don’t think anyone expected a spike,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “We want to stay at a high level of vaccinations and sustain that over time.”
    Meanwhile, many State employees are being furloughed without pay because our great governor claims the State is in a financial crisis and has a major budget shortfall.
    Must be nice to frolic in someone else’s money.

  9. You should not try to get people to have a medical procedure with the promise of a lottery(money).
    Why does it not strike anyone else odd that the commercials say just go get the shot. It should be… Talk to your doctor to see if the vaccination is right for you. Not this is what big pharma says it safe and should work. No independent labs have confirmed the shots efficacy. This is still being investigated. What they did recently find is that people who had the virus have a better immune response than people who only got the shot. So why would you try to get people to get a shot they don’t need to be safe from COVID?

    1. No problem with that. But why should you assume that your doctor knows more about the vaccine than the experts at the CDC and NIH? General practitioners are all very good physicians, but they’re not all experts in immunology.

      1. The “experts” at the CDC and NIH don’t know much about the vaccine, the trials are still ongoing. This is admitted by the FDA on their own website. The manufactures of the gene therapy jabs have also admitted that they don’t know if the vaccine will even protect everyone who gets it and they don’t know for how long people are protected if you do get it. Better to go with proven methods rather than experimenting on the population.


          1. Does the CDC or NIH know my personal medical history? Have they provided guidance or literature to doctors with which to educate and better know the indications/contraindications for the use of the shot? NO.
            The only information they are running off of is what the big pharm company says or gives them. It has not been evaluated by the FDA.
            They have said that people who are prone to blood clots should consider not getting the shot. In the beginning all the “data” said there was only extremely small chances of any reaction to the shot. Then on to you might a little sick for a day or two. Then now people die from it.

  10. “Very important document as it is coming from active persons working within the health care system. They are not retired. They are not conspiracy minded and nothing in the document is not substantiated with references. They are not going into magnetism or prion disease but only proven problems. And they have enormous safety concerns for all spike protein vaccines. This is a dry,formal document well referenced and with a twist. They require a response from FDA before 11th June and it is unclear what they are threatening with in case of non response. The most valuable document around for proven side effects and the real concerns of future side effects and the astonishing lack of experimental animal studies for all vaccines.

    Probably the most important document published about the concerns about C -19 vaccines. It has everything discussed on this site. This is a very formal well written document to FDA requiring certain actions they should undertake before any formal approval of C 19 vaccines. It has all the necessary references and is written in a logical way.There are 27 prominent signatures from US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Peter Doshi is there, prominent commentator about quality of vaccine studies in BMJ. Peter Goetsche, Copenhagen, one of the most reliable pillar for evidenced based medicine and earlier influential in Lancet and BMJ before those magazines took the step away from evidence based medicine as regards the C 19 pandemic. Allyson Pollock, Public Health, UK is there as well as Tom Jefferson from the Oxford group Evidence Based Medicine. Peter McCullough Texas is also one of the signatories. A very powerful document which MSM/BBC will not cover presently and well worth reading.”

  11. Hey Reality Check, how much do you get paid? I need a job and yours seems pretty easy, sitten all night on your butt, typing out the same dribble lies.
    It must make you proud to pretend to know it all. Who is paying you?
    Why do you bother telling others what to think? Paid shill.

    1. I’ve made it well known here that I’m retired. I have nothing to gain from correcting stupid statements here. And my education and experience has put me in a position of actually knowing more than most people here about certain things. And the connections I maintain in the medical world happen to provide me with better information than most other people with regards to vaccinations. I’m just making my own small contribution to getting the facts straight among people who are sometimes out of touch with the reality of today’s world.

        1. Two well-respected universities have seen fit to grant me advanced degrees, after my bachelor’s degree.
          And I’ve never sued for anything. I take full responsibility for my own actions instead of always blaming others.

  12. Now kids, you must realize that only Dems know the answers to everything, their word is law, it’s their way or the highway. The rest of you are racist especially if you don’t agree with them, but they will tell you that they are open minded and everyone matters, ha, until they cancel you. Masters of manipulation and spin. Joe is a n idiot, no wonder Harris is staying as far away as possible. Remember the fairy tale about the emperor with no clothes !

  13. The “truth” is now manufactured but there is evidence that has seemingly been ignored. The evidence shows that the pandemic was planned. The participants in Event 201 became major players in the developing scenario of 2020, including the WHO, Gates, the World Economic Forum and others. The evidence shows that the virus was engineered in a laboratory and that there has been collusion between various institutions in the US and China and other countries, including Australia. The evidence shows that PCR testing was manipulated in order to increase “case” numbers. The evidence shows that death reporting was manipulated to maintain fear and support the draconian restrictions that have been enforced globally. The evidence shows that the development of vaccines was already underway before the pandemic. The evidence shows that legitimate treatments for Sars/Cov-2 have been suppressed. The evidence shows that censorship has been used to eliminate contradictory opinion and science. The evidence shows that the severity of the virus was drastically overstated. It shows that natural immunity is acquired by people that contract the virus. It shows that lock downs and mask wearing has been extremely detrimental to health and well-being. The evidence shows that the “vaccines” are dangerous and may have long term, far reaching implications. It shows that those behind this event are intent on continuing their agenda, despite massive public backlash. There is much more evidence that has become available and Faucci is just one of the cogs in this wheel. Not only should they all be exposed but given the most severe punishment that society will allow. I have my own thoughts on this but, obviously, my wishes would not be acted on.

    1. Sure. Everyone in the medical world planned to make this happen. Your “evidence” is just another baseless conspiracy theory.
      You’re obviously not familiar with Occam’s principle of parsimony, sometime paraphrased as: “the simplest explanation is usually the accurate one.” And therein lies the glaring hole in most of these conspiracy theories. They always involve too many people doing wrong things to actually be considered rational.

      1. How about the recent Cleveland Clinic study on vaccinated and natural immunity people…..they both have the same protection. Keep living in your basement, wearing your goggles, mask, and gloves.

    2. I forgot to mention that I enjoy reading many of those conspiracy theories. They are some of the best science fiction stories around, even if they generally lack something in style.

        1. Dr. Fauci was not wrong about masks. He changed his advice based on circumstances that changed. But you wouldn’t understand the logic behind that.

          1. Here’s an answer that has been staring some of us in the face for about 5 years now, a bit of sarcasm that ran in circles from the pen of Joseph Heller:

            “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”

            ― Joseph Heller, Catch-22

            I see school children—finally back in school on a part-time basis—running and playing in the open air and hot sun wearing masks. They are a muzzled herd, property of the state, let out to roam for a bit. At the same time, there is a coordinated push to get these experimental injections into younger and younger bodies when, clearly, they would represent a greater threat than COVID itself. There is no conceivable health reason to inject young children with experimental drugs for a waning condition that was not even a threat to them at its peak.

            When I reflect upon what it must be like to be a child today, wearing masks and living lives that are increasingly pre-programmed and virtual, with less opportunities for spontaneous, unique creative discoveries, and then add to that the various contrived or corrupt indoctrination’s posing as education, I can’t help wondering what these youngsters eventually grow up to be. If it is not really for health of body and mind, then what? It’s almost as if you would do all of this if your objective were to create a new type of human. That would be the most insidious part of “the great reset,” but it would “make sense” then to target children if that were the goal… they are still forming. If it’s only a hypothesis, then it still deserves to be worked into one’s “mental experiments”: if these measures do not make sense from any traditional value of the care and rearing of children—and they don’t—then try looking at them through the lens of “Human 2.0” and see what might fit.

          2. 17 reasons masks don’t work:
            Medical masks adversely affect respiratory physiology and function

            Medical masks lower oxygen levels in the blood

            Medical masks raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood

            SAR-CoV-2 has a “furin cleavage” site that makes it more pathogenic, and the virus enters cells more easily when arterial oxygen levels decline, which means wearing a mask could increase COVID-19 severity

            Medical masks trap exhaled virus in the mouth/mask, increasing viral/infectious load and increasing disease severity

            SARS-CoV-2 becomes more dangerous when blood oxygen levels decline

            The furin cleavage site of SARS-CoV-2 increases cellular invasion, especially during low blood oxygen levels

            Cloth masks may increase the risk of contracting COVID-19 and other respiratory infections

            Wearing a face mask may give a false sense of security

            Masks compromise communications and reduce social distancing

            Untrained and inappropriate management of face masks is common

            Masks worn imperfectly are dangerous

            Masks collect and colonize viruses, bacteria and mold

            Wearing a face mask makes the exhaled air go into the eyes

            Contact tracing studies show that asymptomatic carrier transmission is very rare

            Face masks and stay at home orders prevent the development of herd immunity

            Face masks are dangerous and contraindicated for a large number of people with pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities

            Centner also featured Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a New York pediatrician, who warned that masks could be harming children’s brain development. By promoting fear, stress, panic and anxiety, it keeps children in the “fight or flight response” driven by the brain. This influences the capacity of development and higher functions of the brain.14


    I honestly think that those who have taken the jab are, in some way, quelling their deep-down fears of the jab by bringing other people along with them. I know there must be a term from psychology that defines this. (If someone knows it, please tell me.) They used to say “misery loves company” but that doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s either that or they are just as evil as those who initially hatched this plan and have unabashedly joined “the dark side.” I can’t imagine having to live with the fear that any moment the spike protein will start attacking me and take me out in a matter or minutes or days with virtually no hope of survival. It just goes to show how powerful peer pressure can be. The more the truth comes out, the more fear will creep into their minds, until they will start to go bonkers. And so, we are dealing with physical AND psychological illness. I believe wholeheartedly what Dr Sherri Tenpenny said recently, “Faith and fear do not go together.” I will keep my faith with God and not be fearful!

  15. Long past time to take this inaccurate, misleading, inciting article down, KRDO. Your own source shows that the doses given went down before the “lottery” was begun – that’s WHY they had a lottery.
    And the vaccination rate certainly did not go down to the degree you said. Nice that you created a space for a bunch of stupid people to take stupid shots at each other over a bunch of nonsense.
    The daily doses given on May 30 were 16,153, NOT 7,276 as the article states.

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