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Businesses consider easing mask requirements after State announcement

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Coloradans who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks indoors but local businesses are still deciding if they want to implement this at their shops.

On Thursday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the announcement that those who are fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine no longer have to wear masks indoors. The next day on Friday, Governor Jared Polis made a similar announcement with a change to the state's mask order that allows fully vaccinated people to ditch the mask in most settings.

KRDO reached out to several restaurants and shops in Colorado Springs to get their perspectives on this. Many restaurants tell us they want to hear from the Colorado Springs Restaurant Association for guidance before making a decision.

Peri Bolts, the founder and co-owner of Eclectic Co. in Colorado Springs, says she is in a similar position. “It was a bit of a shock to us so we aren’t prepared to make a decision today," Bolts said. As for now, they are still asking customers to wear a mask but, Bolts said a decision will be made soon.

“It’s really important to us that our vendors and our customers feel really comfortable with no matter what we do," Bolts said.

One question that has yet to be answered is if businesses do implement this guidance is how it will be enforced? Bolts says if they do lift their restrictions in accordance to the CDC and State allowing people to not wear masks if they are vaccinated, it will be on the honor system.

Bolts says, “We will not be asking people if they have been vaccinated certainly not asking for any proof.”

Bolts and other businesses say they want to avoid any confrontations about masks in their shops as we have seen before.

Governor Polis did discuss this at his Friday press conference when he made the announcement about the masks. “Some customers that will feel more comfortable with the mask experience and want them to do that," Polis. "There are other businesses where they have been ready to get rid of the masks for weeks or months and so I think there’s room for all of that.”

Jim Hendershott the owner of Billy's Old World Pizza in Colorado Springs says he got rid of mask requirements altogether.

“I took down my sign immediately so my customers can come in here and feel free to eat and not worry about walking around with a mask,” Hendershott said, adding that even if someone isn't fully vaccinated, he isn't worried about it.

Hendershott says, "I’m just applauding that the governor and CDC finally wised up and let people go on with their life.”

Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.



  1. COVID-19 is so dangerous and smart that you have to wear a “magical force field replacement device,” aka a “mask”… …but only indoors… …but not when sitting at a table at a restaurant. See, restaurants have their own magical force fields at each table that repels COVID-19, so you don’t need to wear a mask there…but that magical force field doesn’t work when you leave the table and move around the restaurant, including the restrooms, so you need to wear a mask then… …but not inside your own house round your own family. See, that magical force field that was in the restaurant is also somehow is in your house and outside and in your car, so a mask isn’t needed there. The magical force field must be a takeout item… …and you have to wear a mask in an airplane. Evidently the magical force field there is in airplane mode… …but not outside…

    …except when in an outdoor stadium, even when you’re nowhere near anyone else. Apparently stadiums cause the force fields to short out, so you need a mask. Must be the ticket prices… …and where you are less than 6 feet away from other people, because the mask only has that range, and the virus doesn’t move more than 6 feet at a time, even in a tornado, according to the experts… …and even if you have had the “vaccine,” because the “vaccine” doesn’t have its own magical force field to block the virus… …and even if you have already had the virus, because your own immune system doesn’t have this magical force field, either… Now, this is the mentality and the only possible reasoning that the state (and the Karens) has for its absurd maskholery. Is it ludicrous, inconsistent, and laughably pathetic? You bet! But a side effect of wearing a mask is that common sense gets shut down, too. The magical force fields aren’t real. The masks are useless face diaper placebos. Ditch the masks, ditch the fear, and

  2. Because ElPaso county still has one of the highest case rates in the state, I will NOT patronize restaurants that cannot provide the proper social distancing and protect ALL their customers.
    The fake-demic is almost at an end. but not yet.

  3. It’s certainly the prerogative of each business. Unless there is an overwhelming reason, I’ll probably not be visiting businesses that keep this mandate in place.
    If you’re not comfortable visiting a business that choses to lift the mandate, you can take your business elsewhere.

    That’s how this whole thing works.

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