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The Sand Creek football team is playing for a special mom

Sand Creek is having one of its best seasons in school history. The Scorpions are within a game of playing for a state championship. Linebacker Tim Newton is a big reason why. It's been stressful recently for Newton. His mother Judy has been battling stomach ulcers. The night before the Scorpions playoff showdown with Basalt, the first of Newton's career, he had to rush his mother to the emergency room, "It was terrifying. I knew she was losing a lot of blood, because I think her heart rate was really high the whole time. She was really cold. She couldn't form any sentences. She could barely get to work together. I pretty much had to carry her out of the house," says Sand Creek linebacker, Tim Newton. His mom insisted he play in the playoff game, "I got about an hour of sleep before the playoff game. She's the big football mom here. If you ever come to any of the games, she's the one in the stands doing the cowbell. I was just thinking the whole time when I got out on the field that last game wasn't gonna be her last game watching me," says Newton. Newton played, and came up huge, helping force a couple of fumbles and then the Scorpions finished the job, "That win specifically was for his mom. We all said that in the huddle afterwards. We gave him a hug. This is family now," says Sand Creek senior, Greg Garnett. Now, Judy will be back in the stands to watch her son play for a trip to the state championship game, "I'm exhilarated honestly. We really got the family aspect going even with the parents. She'll have support in the stands from them too," says Newton.

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