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HSPPR gets new facial recognition technology to find lost pets

HSPPR gets new facial recognition technology to find lost pets
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - The Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region has teamed up with Petco Love to help find lost pets and reunite them with their families by taking advantage of new technology.

According to industry statistics, one in three pets will go missing in their lifetime. The new, "Petco Love Lost" database uses patented facial recognition technology to help find missing cats and dogs in the Pikes Peak Region.

Pet owners can upload photos of their missing dog or cat, those photos will then be immediately scanned to determine whether the lost pet is at a participating shelter or with a neighbor in the community.

Duane Adams, President & CEO at HSPPR says this is a great tool moving forward for families in the Pikes Peak Region.

"We work tirelessly to care for pets, whether they’re awaiting their forever home or lost and need help getting back to their families. There’s nothing more rewarding than reuniting families with their beloved pets and with Petco Love Lost, we’re confident it can lead to many more happy reunions, right here in the Pikes Peak Region.”

According to the President of Petco Love, Susanne Kogut, one in three pets go missing in their lifetime and an estimated 10 million pets each year, this is why this technology is so important to have.

For more on the new technology, click here.

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  1. Now lost pet fees can cost more than they did previously! Win, win for HSPPR. Something that probably won’t work because they would have to already had the animal in the system once before and had their owner pick it up previously. So now they can charge an arm and a leg for what they were already doing in the first place, but now they have to pay for the software.
    Seriously, if this webpage doesn’t work that provides a color picture of the animal, the breed, color, gender, intake date and location of the animal, do you really think facial recognition software will do more?
    What a waste of money.

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