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The UCCS baseball team is roaring the RMAC

UCCS baseball coach Dave Hajek is pushing all the right buttons, "So I thoroughly enjoy playing for coach Hajek," says UCCS baseball player, Jaeden Hegmann. In only four and half years, the program has already won more than 100 games, "Since it was a new program we all came together as a unit and decided let's do this together. Let's make history," says Hegmann. UCCS head coach Dave Hajek says, "It's a very big source of pride to achieve something like that you know relatively soon."

Coach Hajek has built this program from the ground up and this beautiful field that sits below pulpit rock was just rocks and weeds before he arrived, "To know where we started we talk about it all the time. Practices at Wasson high school, the Air Force Academy and UC Health Park, those are all fond memories and nice building blocks to this program," says Hajek

Coach Hajek says this is the first step in one of the building blocks into becoming a perennial winner in the RMAC, "You know we want to now sell to being established where here we're at the top half of the conference and that's what we're selling. The newness has kind of worn off and now we want to go out and compete for conference championships," says Hajek.

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