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Former Southern Colorado police chief says Chauvin verdict was justified

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A former Minneapolis police officer has been found guilty for the murder of George Floyd nearly a year after his death.

A jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges against him and could spend up to 40 years behind bars. Former Canon City Chief of Police Paul Schultz watched the verdict as it aired and says the jury made the correct decision.

“To me, it was clearly criminal conduct and I think that guilty verdict was justified," Shultz says.

The former chief worked in law enforcement for 47 years. He watched the nearly ten-minute-long video of the murder when it was released and could not believe what unfolded. “It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a law enforcement officer do,” Schultz says.

As for what happens next with this verdict, Schultz says it will bring police departments to focus more on training to make sure a situation like this does not happen again. “It will reinforce the need for de-escalation training," Schultz says. "Clearly,  what occurred, in this case, was excessive force that rose to criminal conduct.”

Floyd's death lead to protests nationwide, including in Colorado Springs. Every night for more than a week dozens gathered downtown.

One of them was Justin Baker, a founder of the People 719 non-profit activism group who also helped write the initial proposal to start the Colorado Springs Law Enforcement Transparency and Accountability Commission which he is now a part of. Baker telling us this verdict even though it's what he wanted, is bitter-sweet.

"To see that [George Floyd's] name and his family are getting the justice that they deserved is an awesome feeling," Baker says adding this verdict helps solidify what can be done if this happens again. “I think this verdict right here will make certain people see you can be held accountable and there are people out there now in the Springs with LETAC that will make sure things like this are held accountable," Baker says.

Another commissioner of LETAC Steve Kern was surprised the verdict came back so quickly. “I think in this case justice has been done,” Kern says. The Vice-chair says this verdict encourages them to continue to have conversations to work together on a challenging set of issues. "To figure out the best possible public safety processes and procedures for our community here in the city," Kern says.

Chauvin will face sentencing in eight weeks.

Colorado Springs / Local News

Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.



  1. “To see that [George Floyd’s] name and his family are getting the justice that they deserved is an awesome feeling,”
    Justice for the family, No.
    But at least accountability of the perpetrator . . .

  2. Gee you mean kneeling on someone’s neck for 9 minutes is wrong?! Too bad it took a court case for cops to figure it out. Here’s the thing…we know there are good cops out there..but when they walk the thin blue line, we lose trust. When we lose trust in those we perceive have power over us, all hell breaks loose.

    1. Remember. You are judging thousands of police by the actions of only a few. Saying you lost trust in all police because of the action of the officers in this incident. That is like saying all doctors are bad because one messed up a surgery or was unethical and operated out of a garage…. Would you stop going to doctors all together or have the fear that anytime you see a doctor you could die……
      Criminals don’t want police because they enforce the laws that they are breaking and don’t want the consequences. Law abiding citizens want police to protect them from the people who willfully break laws and can pose a danger to society.

      1. When good cops start busting out bad cops, my trust will be renewed. Too many feel they are above the Laws that Govern us all, and too many let them get away with it. Bad cops are rewarded in the Court House and our Fed Gov’t by giving them Military grade weaponry against it’s citizens.
        I’m old af, and remember a time when a cop shooting someone fleeing in the back as a total disgrace. I also remember when they called themselves Peacekeepers and were my neighbors. Not anymore…

        1. So you have a personal story of an encounter with the local police and you were not treated correctly? Or is it you base your feelings on the interpretation of others encounters with police.
          ALSO you have to remember. There was someone who fled with a gun and police did nothing but chase and the man ran around the corner and shot a family of three. Later they were torn apart because they let the armed man get away knowing he could use his deadly weapon against a citizen. They walk a very fine line and you would never know unless you go experience it. Do a raid along and see what police have to deal with now days. It can be an impossible job because your damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  3. “Former Canon City Chief of Police Paul Schultz”
    This Former Canon City Police Chief Paul Schultz?
    Yeah this article could have done a lot better than utilizing him as an example of what local law enforcement supervision should be. Next time Chase, you should research your people you are going to write a story about, especially when you are wanting to add credibility to this type of story not lose it.
    That out of the way, I am in agreement of the verdict and glad to see outcome, but we are far from done.

  4. He is likely scared of what might happen to he and his family if he said he disagreed with the verdict. Violent radical marxist democrat terrorists BLM and ANTIFA with full support from the radical marxist democrats that now occupy our government will do violence against those who do not believe what they believe.
    A anonymous poll of sheriffs across the country would show that most if not all support Chauvin.

      1. Lol, you are just ate up with the marxist democrat cheese, silly mouse, fooled again.

    1. Only people that believe equality shouldn’t exist would have something to fear from the BLM movement, same regarding only Fascists would have something to fear from ANTIFA (Anti-Fascism).

      1. No ones beliefs of anything should be based on fear of what radical, violent marxist democrat terrorists BLM, ANTIFA will do in retaliation if those beliefs do not fall in line with terrorist beliefs.
        You marxist terrorists goal is to destroy America the pretense of social justice or equality is total BS. You fool no one marxist psycho.

        1. You musta not been around Jan 6th…who’s party brought a gallows and shat in the Capitol again?
          I dont agree with the violence, but at least blm have a valid reason to be pissed, unlike the Proud Boys who are just fighting to keep it white.

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