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Colorado bill would provide public housing benefits regardless of immigration status

Colorado bill would provide public housing benefits regardless of immigration status
April rent looms

COLORADO (KRDO) -- Colorado looks to be the first state to provide housing benefits to residents regardless of immigration status. Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the bill, which lawmakers passed on March 30th.

This bill would roughly affect an estimated 180,000 people living in Colorado without authorization.

Families across colorado have been dealing with the financial turmoil brought by this pandemic, but for many undocumented families, it's been difficult trying to make ends meet. Many depend on non-profits for survival.

"Most of our clients do not receive any of the stimulus support, they don't have access to a lot of the public assistance that a lot of us do," said Hannah Martin, Director of Accompaniment and Sanctuary Coalition in Colorado Springs, a non-profit that aims to help immigrant families in Southern Colorado.

"We've been able to help keep 66 families housed and that was with multiple months of rent payments, utilities, making sure they have food and groceries," said Martin. This bill for housing benefits though -- is giving non-profits like these a sense of joy.

Colorado State Senator Julie Gonzales, the sponsor of this bill, believes it's unfair that a family would be barred from the stimulus assistance due to one person in the family being undocumented. That's why she hopes Governor Polis signs this bill into law, hoping to allow all Coloradans to thrive.

KRDO spoke with one undocumented family in Colorado Springs, who wishes to remain anonymous, that would benefit from the bill.

"It would mean a lot because we have been going through a lot of struggles, we can't pay the rent," said the family.

This family's rent is about $1,000. Right now in their household, there are three adults and six children.

With only one working adult bringing in about $300 to $400 dollars- it's barely enough.

Julissa Soto with Servicios De La Raza, another non-profit helping immigrant families during this pandemic, believes this bill could keep a lot of families off the streets.

"This means fewer families with food insecurity, housing insecurity," said Soto.

According to the American Immigration Council in 2018, 10% of the population were immigrants in the United States. In Colorado Springs -- that number stood above 7-percent.

This bill aims to help undocumented families at the state level for rental housing programs, federal funds would still be restricted.

For more on how to get housing assistance click the link below:

Servicios De La Raza

Accompaniment and Sanctuary Coalition Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Rental Assistance Program

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Jasmine Arenas

Jasmine is an MMJ and Anchor for Telemundo Surco and KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Jasmine here.



  1. Two things here immediate anger me: #1. Colorado citizens are not given the opportunity to VOTE on this issue which actually affects all of us because Socialist polis just does whatever he wants and the one party system in Denver supports him of course. #2. The middle class are forced to pay more to provide housing for ILLEGALS in Colorado. KRDO titled ILLEGALS as “people without authorization”. Ahhhh, that makes everyone feel so much better and unified. And polis and Suthers wonder why the USAF moved the Space Force to Alabama?

  2. Anyone who votes for and signs this bill should be removed from office BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY including feet-first

  3. The tax payer pays for this. You vote democrat, you vote to have you right for a say so taken away.a vote for democrats is a vote for socialism. Watch the flood if illegals show up and housing cost go up. County will have to expand and hire more people at DHS. Watch your taxes go up again. I wish we could ask the homeless, and illegals,and criminals how long they’ve lived and what state/ country they came from. They are fleeing their ruined democrat run cities and coming here. All you people that say colorado springs is a rotten place to live? This is why.

  4. “Colorado looks to be the first state to provide housing benefits to residents regardless of immigration status.”

    Housing benefits? Why doesn’t the state take care of their own before giving everything to someone who doesn’t even live in the US… Polis is a complete moron. It’s no wonder why people have tried to recall him over and over. What angers me the most is the people they are making exceptions for are ILLEGALS. I don’t care if you want to live in the US, just come through the port of entry and do it the right way. We have enough homeless on the streets and it’s because they can’t afford the high rents, but the Government is willing to make exceptions to people who have never lived here and paid taxes and the red carpet gets laid out before them. UNBELIEVABLE. Expect crime to get worse and taxes go higher.

  5. Alternate wording. Tax payers money stolen by the State to be given to illegal invaders!

  6. To enter the US illegally is a misdemeanor the 1st time and a felony any time thereafter. So it’s ok to be a wanted felon and walk into a government office without being arrested? These people are criminals and if you are aiding a criminal that makes you an accessory.

  7. Let me get this straight. My disabled daughter who was born in Colorado and resides LEGALLY will most likely not get the assistants she needs for housing over some illegal immigrant who mooches off non profits!?!!!!🤬🤬🤬 My taxes that I pay for having a job and residing LEGALLY will go to undocumented immigrants so they can get help. BS!!!!! Like I really want my daughter to live in the same housing as undocumented illegal immigrant criminals who will most likely run back to their country if they commit any other crimes. I am concerned for my daughters safety. So infuriating!!!

  8. How sad there is homeless all over and a immigrant will have no issue getting a place to live .They help non AMERICANS more than REAL AMERICANS typical democrat

  9. This bill when signed needs to be challenged and declared illegal. The demented fraud puppet Biden and the radical marxist democrats that now occupy our government are on a mission to destroy America. One of their tools is to flood America with illegal immigrants. ColoroFornia is guaranteed to be swarmed with illegal invaders with this bill.
    ColoFornia is full of homeless citizens living on the streets and in the woods who are being denied housing because ColoFornia has decided to place the needs of freeloading, unproductive illegal criminal invader trash over our own citizens.
    The insanity of the criminal radical marxist democrats is beyond justification and they are the biggest threat of destruction facing America today.

  10. VIII Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Steal.
    Illegals steal the moment they enter the United States.
    Government Liberals steal from US citizens to fund thieves.
    If Liberals want to help illegals, by all means, start a Go Fund Me page instead of passing a bill without consent of the people.
    An aside: Could you imagine a US citizen entering another country the way illegals enter the United States? We’d be deported immediately or rotting in a seedy jail (or dead).
    A special “thanks” to Governor Polis and all the Colorado Libs for being so generous with everyone else’s money in yet another scheme to expand the blue state.

  11. So we can’t support our homeless population, we have homeless veterans who fought for our country and we will bypass them and go to people who are not even citizens of the USA. So we acre more about illegal aliens than we do our own veterans?

  12. But wait, there’s more. There is another bill traveling through the Colorado legislature that will take YOUR hard earned money and GIVE it to organizations that defend illegal aliens who are fighting deportation. It just doesn’t end!!!

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