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Cheyenne Mountain School District votes to change Native American mascot for Cheyenne Mountain High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- On Monday, the Board of Education for Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 voted to change the Native American mascot for Cheyenne Mountain High School.

This decision came after several people in the community spoke for and against the change.

The board announced the Native American mascot will be retired by the end of this school year.

A draft resolution regarding the removal of the Cheyenne Mountain High School mascot moved forward after thousands of students, alumni, and local citizens expressed their disapproval in September 2020.

Watch the full Board of Education meeting below:

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    1. It would almost make you think something else more important was going on in the world that they put their attention to and not just a mascot PC issue……..

  1. Wait, what? A school district, named after the Cheyenne, can’t have a Cheyenne image as it’s mascot? What about the Cheyenne name?

    And who were the Cheyenne? They were a band of native Americans who committed genocide against other native American tribes, and stole their land.

  2. Does this mean the school doesn’t have to spend time and money bringing in native speakers and dancers? Weren’t they giving money to some nation to use the mascot image? Unfortunately, the stage has been set to move Native Americans even further toward becoming a footnote in history. Sorry.

  3. In other news, a move is underway to rename Cheyenne Mountain as Black Lives Matter Mountain.

    1. LOL..Yes and a new mascot called “Fanny the Tranny” will soon be on the table bringing joy to all the radical marxist democrats who want to destroy America.

  4. From the article it appears everyone but the native Americans protested this masccot that represented the fearless warrior character of many native Americans.

    Soon the native Americans will only be recognized for their massive problems with substance and alcohol abuse.

    Virtue signaling psycho marxist democrats love destroying American traditions, values, culture and morality as they continue their mission to destroy America, they are very evil people.

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