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Drugs and cash seized in routine traffic stop

Courtesy of Pueblo Police

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- A routine traffic stop in Pueblo Saturday night led to an arrest and a seizure of drugs and cash.

According to police, officers made a routine traffic stop of a car that had the wrong license plates.

Officers issued the driver a citation but became suspicious based on the behavior of the car's occupants and asked if they could search the car for anything illegal.

Police said the driver gave consent, and during the search, officers found over a pound of methamphetamines, 9 grams of heroin, cash, and a digital scale inside the passenger door.

Officers said the suspect, who they have identified as Shannon Ingraham, was arrested and taken into custody.

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Tom Massmann



  1. Wow big drug bust…….. a whole personal stash of heroine (the small baggie with the black stuff). And 300 bucks – big news! And obviously the big bags of white stuff are nothing but for show in the headlines because that would be a whole lotta drugs that is not listed in the bust.

    1. You missed the “officers found over a pound of methamphetamines” in the article.

  2. Way to go Pueblo Police Department, or Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, sounds like solid police work.

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