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Colorado Springs driver questions motive after catching near-miss on dashcam

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A driver in Colorado Springs is warning others to be on the lookout for possible scammers after another driver nearly hit his car, and he captured the entire incident on his dash camera.

Brent Ulbert was driving home from his job at Radon PDS last Thursday when something strange happened. He was heading east on Aviation Way when he pulled up to a stop sign to turn onto Zeppelin Drive in southeast Colorado Springs. The car in front of him was also waiting for the stop sign, that driver had their signal on to turn left and head north. Ulbert noticed that car wasn't moving.

"It just seemed off, the car was sitting there for a while ... I can be impatient. So, I was waiting, waited, I didn't see anything going on. So I tapped the horn to let them know someone's behind them," Ulbert said, adding that he thought the driver might have been on their phone or just wasn't paying attention.

Ulbert had already put his car in reverse, planning to back up and drive around the car.

When the other driver heard the horn, that driver started backing up toward Ulbert. Since he was already in reverse, he was able to miss the other driver heading toward him. Then, the other driver accelerates forward heading north, almost hits a semi truck turning toward their car, and then speeds off heading south on Zeppelin Drive.

"I really thought somebody was trying to hit me that's, that's about what it felt like," Ulbert said. "It just felt to me like maybe it was some sort of insurance scam. I've seen those online … where people just back into you and they don't realize you have a dashcam and they want to get you for some money. So, I had the dashcam. Luckily, luckily, I was already in reverse, so nothing happened."

He's been involved in road rage incidents as well, that's another possibility that crossed Ulbert's mind when trying to figure out what happened.

"In the past, I've had people brandish weapons before, once before at me, and I just didn't want to deal with that," Ulbert said.

Ulbert also said that the driver ahead of him could have easily just been flustered and drove toward him on accident. Regardless of the motivation, he hopes this incident will serve as a reminder to watch out for other drivers.

"Just pay attention. You're driving a multiple thousand-pound vehicle down the road. Quit texting, you can wait," Ulbert said. "We're all frustrated. We see people weaving in and out of lanes. There are kids out there."

Ulbert added that he has a two-month old son with his wife.

"We've got a baby on board sticker with little baby Yoda on there to let you know, please don't hit us. Be safe. Protect your fellow man," Ulbert said.

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Sydnee Stelle



    1. Perhaps he’s just been driving for a long time. Drive long enough, and you’re bound to experience a few other idiots on the road.

  1. That DRIVER not only put the car in reverse, but INTENTIONALLY ACCELERATED and could have very well told the insurance that you hit them at a high rate of speed !! Good thing you had your dashcam !! I have seen driver’s coming down Union doing the speed limit and see that someone is turning (with enough safe distance) and ACCELERATES SO

    and almost take out the person who was turning !! Like they WANT TO HIT THE CAR THAT IS TURNING on PURPOSE !! In YOUR situation…THE DRIVER ALMOST CAUSED ANOTHER ACCIDENT !! Thank goodness that you are all OKAY !! The police should get that license plate # and go have a talk with the DRIVER to see how many “ACCIDENTS” they have been in….

  3. Living in the LA area we’re experts at avoiding scammers, agressive lane changers, road rangers, and plain insensitive impatient assholes. I hate people that tailgate me in an effort to get me to drive faster. I’ll tap my breaks once to give a gentle reminder to get off my tail. The second break check can be explained to the Highway Patrol officer since I too have a video camera.

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