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Water main break causes CSFD fire engine to fall into sinkhole


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - A water main break caused a sinkhole to open up under the CSFDs newest engine, at the scene of a fire on Sunday morning.

CSFD's Engine 10 falls into sinkhole due to water main break

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said Engine 10 responded to the scene of a structure fire around 4:00am Sunday morning.

According to CSFD, while firefighters were fighting the fire, a sinkhole formed and opened up directly underneath Engine 10, causing the road to collapse under the weight of the fire engine.

Engine 10's crew said they suddenly felt the engine sink into the roadway. None of the crew was injured and their was only minor damage to the bumper of the engine. It was able to go back into service by 10am that same day.

Engine 10 is newest engine of the CSFD. It had only been in service for less than a month when the incident occurred.

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Tom Massmann



  1. Does the cities elected officials and department leaders not understand that the years of neglect they have provided to our infrastructure is solely their problem they caused? Water pipes keep busting, why? Does the city not follow their own codes and place these lines below the frost line? Poorly maintained fire hydrants that break while being utilized to fight a fire. The cities administrators, elected officials, and leaders ring their hands trying to get unwanted pet projects started and funded in our city, but what about the funding to take care of the already existing and rapidly failing infrastructure that keeps being neglected by these same people? The more the spotlight shines directly on them, the more glaringly obvious their failures and shortcomings are found out by the citizens of this region.

    1. It is hard to inspect what is underground. They do have a water main replacement program that they work to replace them within a certain amount of time. BUT you will always have unknowns that pop up. Small leaks not detected that run for years and then create sinkholes or open a hydrant and it has a leak and undermines the road.
      It is not as easy as you make it sound to keep up on infrastructure. Yes, they have neglected a lot over the years but it is not something they can fix or catch up on it 1, 2 or even 3 years.

      1. With 30+ years of neglect, I do not simply assume it will be able to be fixed in half as much time. Yes, leaks happen, and yes it is easy to keep up on the infrastructure when you don’t simply neglect the preventative checks and adequately install the lines the first time at the correct depth with the correct pipes matching, not PVC to Cast iron like has been shown very recently.
        The main problem is there is no one in the good ol’ boys that wants to do the correct thing for the city, at least none that have demonstrated this by action. They simply keep allowing their ineffectiveness and complacency to keep the personnel that keep making these mistakes and problem to remain employed. Until this is fixed, locally Colorado Springs will continue to decline under Republican led management. Perhaps that is why so many Democrats and independents keep increasing our populace. Perhaps this community is tired of the ineffectiveness and complacency our local Republican leadership continues to allow, which is why so much is changing in the state. Out with the old, in with the new; because its time this leadership learns to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

        1. But hey, the beautification projects downtown are, well, beautiful. And we have an olympic museum that looks like a car wreck. And we have fancy intersections like Fillmore and I-25 that earned someone an award for the most F’ed up intersection. What else matters?

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