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Colorado Springs clinics prioritize 70+ ahead of new vaccine eligibility

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- As vaccine eligibility for more Coloradans expands on Monday, concern remains for seniors still waiting for their first dose.

"Our phones have been ringing off the hook," Paul Novotny said, Director of Operations for Matthews-Vu.

According to Novotny, the clinic currently has at least 3,200 Coloradans age 70+ waiting for vaccines.

"All of those lists rights now are focused on our 70-year-old and plus residents." 

He said it's one reason they're prioritizing the age group, ahead of newly eligible residents on Monday.

"We’ve developed a very robust program of getting back to them, and as best we can, keeping them in line on that list."

Matthews-Vu is also partnering with Peak Vista Community Health Centers on Saturday to distribute 700 additional doses to seniors, following high demand during its first public vaccination event in January.

"We've had kind of a mantra, as fast as we get it, get it into folks as quickly as possible because it doesn't do any good sitting on our shelves."

However, he said that doesn't mean the clinic isn't planning ahead for the next eligible group.

"As these phases are rolled out they're coming in as concentric circles and they're overlapping to a certain degree. So, there's not a hard and fast day that we finish."

It's also why he said it's important for seniors still waiting for the vaccine, not to feel discouraged.

"If you haven't been reached out to, know that we're not forgetting you and none of our vaccine partners are. It's just as the availability comes."

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