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Veteran Mental Health Clinic sees uptick in patients

Veteran Mental Health Clinic sees uptick in patients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Though it has been a tough year for many, Veteran Mental Health Clinic, Family Care in Colorado Springs has seen an uptick in patients during the pandemic.

The Department of Veterans Affairs says they've had more than 3,000 Colorado COVID-19 patients. However, veterans are battling more than just the virus. A mental health clinic in Southern Colorado says they've seen a 39% increase in patients in just the last year.

At Family Care, a Veterans Mental Health Clinic, 70% of their staff are veterans.

"When we wrap those services around our veterans or our family members I think that is what makes the biggest difference is not just one person, it is the system," expressed Dr. Charles Weber, owner, and psychiatrist of Family Care Center.

Grant Mcknight is one of them. A transcranial magnetic stimulation technician, also known as TMS therapy, is used to help patients with depression. It is described as a mini MRI machine, sending a magnetic pulse to a part of the brain with the same effects of medication without the side effects.

Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Weber, also a veteran, the clinic is currently treating many patients with depression.

"Our phone calls increased dramatically, probably an easy 30 to 40% increase than what we got last year," added Dr. Weber.

Depression can stem from many things, but during this time especially it is partly due to this pandemic.

"Really it is that kind of reaction, if you lost your job, if families lost their job, if you are isolating and staying home, some people have never seen their whole family compacted," said Dr. Weber.

At this clinic, TMS has proven to be highly effective in helping up to 70% of their patients.

"It can reduce the amount of meds and some can even get off meds completely," added Dr. Weber.

If you are a veteran struggling you can contact the hotline at 1-800-342-9647.

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