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Lauren Boebert sued for blocking former CO state Rep. on Twitter

Boebert on the house floor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - A lawsuit as been filed against Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for allegedly violating a former Colorado state Representative's first amendment rights.

Former state Representative Bri Buentello, D-Pueblo, told KRDO Sunday she filed the lawsuit against Boebert for blocking her on Twitter, after Buentello posted a series of tweets blaming Boebert for encouraging violence at the United States Capitol earlier this month.

"I think she got offended. I think she got scared," Buentello told us.

A statement from Boebert's office to KRDO Sunday says "the office will not be commenting on any pending litigation."

Buentello said she thinks getting Blocked by a government leader on Twitter is similar to not letting someone speak at a town hall.

"The way we communicate as humans has fundamentally changed since 1776," she explained. "But the principle of free speech, of protected speech, of our rights as citizens to contact representatives, and yes to criticize our representatives, is held sacred. Her preventing me and anybody who follows me from seeing her policies, her work and where she stands on things, is nothing less than a flagrant and blatant show of contemptuousness for the first amendment."

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. It’s good that Former state Representative Bri Buentello is suing this cretin. Hopefully, this obnoxious Boebert thing will soon be tossed out of congress. It will be nice if she is charged with trying to aid insurrectionists in finding where targeted people were hiding from them.

      1. you’re the moron.
        boobert consorts with militia groups. There is a picture of the idjut that just got busted in Woodland Park for participating in the insurrection-posing in front of her diner. Go to Twitter and read booberts feed. The picture is right there. Consorting with the enemy. Throw that baby Poppin bitch out of the office for treason.

      2. Standard Trumpist response. You have no real response, so you resort to childish name-calling.

    1. Agree 100%. While many low information types yap their usual talking point- what about 1A? Why can’t we sue to get trump back on then?- this just demonstrates how unaware (ignorant) they are re exactly what 1A (or 2A ..all the way through the amendments) actually addresses.

      NO politician should be allowed a one-way relationship with their electorate.

      (and as for trump, the LOSER, he, like every head of state, has the presidential podium and 24/7 immediate access to the media. He has always had the WH Press Room to make ‘presidential’ announcements, but that would lead to him being asked questions…)

      Boebert needs to be expelled from Congress- she is unqualified to hold the office and her communications head has resigned following her seditious tweets on Jan 6. There’s very little doubt that she will be identified as a co-conspirator with the terrorists who assaulted our Capitol.

  2. interesting how the dems are so worried about free speech when they are doing their best to stop every one else… Bri is not the brightest bulb in the box… go Boebert

    1. They bring down an entire social media platform from which I have to switch now, remove and stamp my posts in another. And not they are nitpicking about blocking one user. You only have freedom of speech is they will allow it. I thought I heard something about majority rules but minority right… I guess when we were the majority we weren’t really in power anyways. The country is run by the media. I’m not sure how a democrat would ever assume responsibility for anything in the country, like Wisconsins governor saying the following: “Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha. Kathy and I join his family, friends and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries. While we do not have all the details yet, what we know for certain is he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or in our country.” Talk about starting s RIOT! Use the word MERCILESS? When you don’t have “All the details”?! And later he is Blaming Trump when he refused Trumps help?!

      1. @kidosee thats was alot to take in…..when you use a private social network such as twitter they have every right to “censor” anything that breaks their T.O.S. read it someday you may walk away with some knowledge.

      1. Isn’t it interesting that information didn’t get to the public during her campaign? Both of them have the market cornered on idiot. And Cruz contributed to her campaign so she is indebted to him big time. I hope the lawsuit prevails. She needs to know that there are consequences for actions on all levels. Her mouth in a bar and her mouth in congress need a reality check.

      2. he is now a registered sex offender as one of the girls he exposed himself to was only 16, adamantly refused his offer of a peep of his tattoo, then tried to claim he only stuck his finger through his fly. Lauren was at that bowling alley in Rifle. He loves jailbait, Lauren was dripping wet 18 when he married her. at least they finally got the sense to make their FB’s private.

    2. @wow no YOU NEED TO READ THE T.O.S. OF THAT PRIVATELY OWNED site….they have rules and if you break them you go BYE BYE…..thats goes for anyone including the ex-prez. (I have been waiting to say that for 4 years)

  3. I would think that the Twitter account is the property of the creator and they can block whomever they want.

    1. Twitter is a privately owned companies, who set their own rules and standards. You sign an agreement with them that you will abide to those standards.
      It’s like going into a privately owned business without a mask. It’s their business, they set the rules, and you do not have to shop there if you disagree. Prime example of this is No Shirt/Shoes no Service. Which I have NEVER seen a Karen protest, btw. Everyone got it then, just not

      1. That is a great point. However, if Twitter lets other other users block people, I’m not sure why the democrat thinks she is entitled to sue Boebert.

  4. BIMBOert better get used to being sued. Her high school drop out education, and the advice she gets from her pedophile husband are bound to bubble to the surface as she continues her cries in the soon-to-be GOP darkness of congress. At least she can still Tweet! Oops. Forgot. Sorry.

    1. Exactly- she is incompetent, uneducated to the point of not understanding the structure of the US Constitution, which is more than just 2A (which she also doesn’t comprehend).

      Her rap sheet of arrests, her vehicular manslaughter record as well, just shows that she is very much like trump in not accepting responsibility or accountability.

      This time, We the People are nipping it in the bud- EARLY.

        1. @ Fcn I wouldn’t worry too much she will be held to her oath of office under 14th amendment we have no choice but to remove her from office for what she said and did.

  5. I wonder how long it will be before Cruz and the Trumpet clan drop her to the curb when she is no longer of use to them? Apparently this is her first time having to “adult”. The big fish are using her and will surely throw her back soon and she is too stupid and full of herself to see it. Workplace 101, don’t piss off your co-workers until you know who’s who.

  6. She got elected for the same reason Frump did. There wasn’t anyone else worth considering. All you can do after that is wait it out and do better next time.

    1. @ntd66 no all we can do is remove for violating her oath of office and supporting an attempted coup.

  7. Does anyone else feel like we are in middle school again? Name calling, cry babies, bullying? It sounds like Bri got her feelings hurt by the popular girl.

    1. @tobycat No this is the big boy class aside from everyone that is name calling most of us are in it to fix the government and bring some honor back to America.

    1. @local says you….all I see are trumpites waving an illegal american flag, toting firearms and thinking they can somehow overturn a fair election by “storming the capitol” seriously? we have ways to overturn laws AND VIOLENCE ISN’T ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

  8. It doesn’t have any thing to do with being Dem or Rep it’s about being a loyal patriotic American and not buying into anyone’s rhetoric.

  9. You know this is a very good question from a legal standpoint, Now if she were a private citizen she would have the right to block ANYONE but as she is an elected official she losses that right unless the person being blocked has been abusive toward her ( and that happen’s she can fall back on the law that prevents people from doing that and have them arrested) but No she should not be able to limit a constituent’s ability to voice their legal opinion. I am going to love watching this play out in court lets see what happens.

    1. So they have already determined that Twitter is NOT a place that the first amendment applies. It is a private platform and they can do what they want.
      Just think of if it was. Then anyone could post anything and they would have to keep it there.
      She is not limiting free speech and the suit will be thrown out. You have no right under the first amendment to go on a Private platform and post whatever you want. It would be like me coming to you house and posting a sign in your yard and then you find out you can’t take it down because of the first amendment. The sign reads something not true and degrading but you have to keep it there.
      Be careful what you wish for. There is always two sides that can use your interpretation of free speech. It’s all fine when it is against someone you don’t like. But will be a problem when it is against you.

      1. @viral I’m not so sure of that, like I said it will be interesting to watch this play out in court. I for one will be watching.

      1. Trump didn’t block someone the company killed his account for violating the T.O.S. them’s the breaks we have rules for a reason and no one NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT is above them no matter what he may think.

  10. I love the freedom of speech carp. Social media does not have to worry about freedom of speech. When you sign up you agree to their terms. You don’t like it don’t sign up. That simple. As far as that POS criminal Boebert she needs to be throw out of office and rot in prison.

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