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How to talk to your children about the country’s political climate


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Wednesday’s drastic events at the U.S. Capitol were undoubtedly difficult enough for the nation to watch unfold, but how do you help your child understand after seeing from their own perspective?

A OnePoll survey says one in three parents are disheartened by the state of the country and even sadder about having to explain it to their child.

“I tried to explain what is going on and it is a difficult conversation because they do not understand the whole dynamics," said one parent we spoke to.

Vincent Atchity, President and CEO of Mental Health Colorado, says though children might not fully grasp the concept of the climate of our country, it might be helpful to not expose them to the images and videos of violence shown.

“Those kinds of scenes of violence and disruption are extremely disturbing, they can trouble kids sleep, they can give them nightmares they can unsettle their notions around institutional stability and things like that,” said Atchity.

He suggests depending on their age, parents can determine how detailed they are in explaining what is going on to their children.

“What we should not say is something perpetuating unreality, we’re gonna have parents that are raising kids to believe that parading a Confederate flag around the U.S. Capitol was an appropriate expression of outrage, or that the election was stolen. I would say do not perpetuate those false notions,” continued Atchity.

He also suggests what might help is breaking down the current political climate and comparing it to something simpler they can relate to. For instance, sportsmanship.

“Sportsmanship has always been the hallmark of political transitions in power in the United States, in this particular case we have a lack of sportsmanship on the part of a sitting president who never learned those skills apparently in the course of his childhood and followers who are not able to accept with dignity and grace a loss," expressed Atchity.

Lastly, he suggests parents teach their children to work together because collective cooperation and political will is what rules in this country.

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  1. Never vote Democrat.
    Look what they did to the Black Family Unit.
    Look at any Democrat controlled State or City.
    See how they want to erase Women from existence.
    They care more about illegal than they do about American Citizens.
    They are power hungry and don’t believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    They were the Party of the KKK and Slavery, Jim Crow and the racism and segregation of the 50’s, 60 ‘s until today.
    Joe Biden used the N word more than most rappers.
    And on and on.

  2. “followers who are not able to accept with dignity and grace a loss..”
    Like how the democrats showed dignity and grace when Trump won and for four years have done nothing but been hateful and divisive. Attack his kids, family and deem anyone who voted for him a racist.
    I teach my kids that the whole country has lost its mind. Both sides have shown great examples of pure hate. Incite violence and destroy communities. The perfect example of how not to act or conduct yourself.

  3. Is this article for real? Teaching kids how to lose in sports? Have you seen children’s sports? There’s no score keeping and everyone gets a trophy. Children learn to work together? That’s called a family which has been attacked repeatedly. All these coping skill deficits described in this article are remedied by a functional nuclear family. Parents teach their children. Children have responsibilities in a family. A family works together, plays together, mourns together, laughs together, learns together, debates together, and worships together. A nuclear family should be the norm and not the exception. The diminishing of the nuclear family is not the foundational problem, but is a symptom of a graver problem. Our country has lost its faith. The constitutions of the early states recognized a divine Sovereign which imparted the freedoms that were held so dear. Why are these things not taught in school? For example, New York’s constitution states, “We, the People of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, do establish this Constitution.” We either have Godly laws or we have humanistic laws. God has been so forcibly removed from the governing arena. Humanistic laws is everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. Our current political climate is the result of humanism. I have often been asked why God created evil. This is a grave misunderstanding. What is darkness? Is darkness a tangible thing that can be quantified, or is darkness the absence of light? In the same way, evil is not a created thing but is the absence of God. One cannot use evil to combat evil. We combat this current mess by those that are called by His name will humble themselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways. We need to get out of the pray trade. We need to stop being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. We need to be out among the hurting and get busy changing one heart at a time. We are supposed to be a family born of the Spirit and not of blood. We need to look past the politics, racial division, and all the other human-made problems that divides us.

  4. LMAO how to talk to your children about the chaos… F you KRDO what about how to tell them the dems are ruining the country and support Antifa and BLM… Where is the conversation supposed start.. all of a sudden its bad to protest at the capital but burn cities to the ground in the name of blm and antifa which the dems support. F you krdo… you are communist

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