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Fire truck tips over in eastern El Paso County

120120 tipped firetruck

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) - Crews are on scene of an accident involving a Hanover fire truck.

The accident happened before 12 p.m. Tuesday along Highway 94 near N. Blaney Rd. in eastern El Paso County. This is east of the Aztec Family Raceway.

At this time the truck has not been righted. Please avoid the area since crews are still working to get it back upright.

We have a news crew on scene and will pass along more information as soon as we receive it.

KRDO Breaking News / Local News Staff

Jasmine Arenas



  1. I would assume CRS Too Fast for Conditions, since there are no High Wind Advisories in effect.

    Better to run code 3 and make it to the call by not driving above your abilities than causing a second accident where even more units have to respond. All while delaying the response of the first call for service that they couldn’t respond to initially.

    1. That unit is a Tender(Tanker). This happens when you have volunteers who jump in and drive like it is a normal firetruck. Its is not. They slosh and can become very dangerous if you do not know how to drive them. Unfortunately this happens at lest once a year if not every two. They flipped one on the USAFA earlier this year and an ambulance also.
      Oddly enough firetrucks are exempt from having CDL driver requirements and training. To drive a tanker in the real world you have to have a CDL and a special endorsement. So people who biggest car they have driven is a civic can jump in one and go and flip um.
      Rule #1 in the fire department: Don’t become another patient/victim responding to/working a call.

  2. “We have a news crew on scene and will pass along more information as soon as we receive it.”
    No, no you won’t. It’s been over 24 hours, and no update. Typical of KRDO.

      1. Almost seven hours after your post, and *still* no update! I wonder if authorities are still trying to upright the tanker. 🤔

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