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People waiting longer than usual for COVID-19 results at Citadel mall testing site


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Jennifer Gallagher wasn't feeling well last Thursday so she decided to get a free COVID-19 test at the Citadel Mall.

It was the first time Gallagher was tested. She waited about 45 minutes in line before getting swabbed. "They had a pretty good system there," Gallagher says.

However, nearly a week after she was tested, Gallagher said Wednesday she still has not received her results. “With how long COVID’s been going on now for the last eight months, it should not be taking more than three days to get your results and so it’s very frustrating," Gallagher says.

The free testing site has been promoted by local health officials and Governor Jared Polis as having quick and easy testing. “You get the results just texted to you within a day or two," Polis said when he visited the site and got tested himself back in September.

On Tuesday, five days after Gallagher was tested she called Mako Medical, which runs all four free testing sites in El Paso County. She was placed on hold longer than she waited in line for to get tested.

"I spent three hours and 10 minutes on hold and then finally an automated message came up saying due to high call volume we can’t answer the phone right now," Gallagher says, "press one and we’ll call you back when your turn is up and I still haven’t heard anything.”

KRDO reached out to Mako Medical about the long result wait times and they sent us the following statement that reads in part:

“Our laboratory has consistently been turning COVID test results around in 24-48 hours upon receipt in our lab, however, we are aware some citizens are having trouble with the patient portal where they log-in to receive their results. Problems can arise when the user inputted log-in name does not exactly match how that name was provided at the actual field testing site. We are working with citizens to try and ensure they know their results, while also offering clearer instructions for the patient portal."

A spokesperson for El Paso County Public Health says part of the reason why people are waiting so long to get their results is due in part to so many people getting tested at this time. EPCPH is in constant communication with Mako Medical regarding testing volume and regularly speaks with Mako if concerns arise.

If you are waiting for your test results, EPCPH recommends you stay at home and away from others. Adding even if your test comes back negative you should still quarantine at your home for 14 days.

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Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.


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  1. “even if your test comes back negative you should still quarantine at your home for 14 days.”

    What does this mean? Get tested; test negative; but stay inside for two weeks anyway?
    These people gonna bring me some groceries? Pay my bills?

    No way I’d want to be a part of this messes sloppy database; ever.

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